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Time to pull the trigger?

So, back in May I was having a major blog issues with my hosting company. And I began thinking it might be a good idea to pack up and move back to With the exception of my blog continually not showing up in a some feeds, for the most part the issues have been resolved…but, my mind keeps returning to the idea of ditching the self-hosting platform.

There will be definite concessions if I return to my roots over at I will give up significant control over how my blog looks and some of the frustration creativity that goes along with fighting adjusting the coding. The truth is that I simply don’t have time to tinker with all these fun nuances anymore. My time is at a premium these days and I need to offload a few things.

But those issues aside, I find I’m leaning towards simplifying. Do I really need to have a header that rotates photos? Probably not. Is it essential to have the ability to change every little minute detail? Not really. Does my budget allow for the annual self-hosting expense? At the moment it does, but who knows what the future brings?

I’m also soooooooo tired of continually having to empty the spam folder. Seriously, I can amass 2,000+ spam comments in the span of just a couple of days! Askimet is a wonderful plugin, but it doesn’t automatically empty the folder. Or, if it can, I haven’t been smart enough to figure it out.

I think the biggest factor is the question of what happens to the blog if something happens to me? I began this on in May of 2009 as an experiment to see if I could actually set up a blog and come up with topics that might actually be of interest for others to read. It was part of my attempt to walk the walk when it came to teaching Internet social media interaction for my adjunct class, Strategic Campaigns. It’s morphed into more of a journalistic record that I would dearly love to endure after I’m gone…for my grandchildren to be able to read my thoughts and impressions of life while they were so much a part of mine.

And there’s no guarantee that, once I’m gone, anyone would be interested in keep up with the self-hosting expense of maintaining this site. If I remove that hurdle, the only thing needed would be for someone to remember the username and password to get into the backside.

So I suppose I’ve talked myself into getting the moving boxes ready and downsizing a bit in the near future. For now, I’ll continue maintaining two sites…periodically exporting posts and comments from here and importing them over at until the end of the month. My time table is to be completely moved and settled in my new casa by October 1st. Until then, please continue to visit me here as I will be exporting all your wonderful comments so I don’t lose track of anyone. When everything is arranged the way I want, and finally pull the trigger, I’ll announce it here and hope you all see it before this site disappears.

I hope you all will continue to stop by and visit once I relocate. The friendships I’ve made in the blogosphere have been such a wonderful, unexpected blessing. I thank those of you who have been around for the past few years, as well as the new friends I’ve made in just the past few months. Your comments all are so very appreciated.



Mystery subscription

It comes every week….and it’s like a train wreck.

You simply are compelled look.

US cover

The magazine, US Weekly, arrives addressed to someone in our home…although there is extremely vocal denial that any such subscription was placed. To our knowledge, we’re receiving this magazine free of charge as no one claims to be paying for it.

But it comes anyway…every week.

Each week we get to peek into the world of the rich and famous and find out:

US Who wore it bestWho Wore It Best
A hundred random people wandering around New York City’s Rockefeller Square are asked to weigh in on which celebrity wore an outfit the best. Profiling aside, perhaps Rockefeller Square isn’t the best gauge….maybe they should poll people in, let’s say, Nashville, Kansas City, Seattle, Cincinnati Atlanta, Denver or Austin. Most of the time, I choose None of the Above. What? That’s not one of the choices? That’s a shame.

US just like usStars: They’re Just Like Us
Yeah, right. In a strange attempt to make it appear celebrities are just normal, everyday down-to-earth folks, they snap photos of them doing very mundane things…like cleaning the windshield of their car, hauling groceries, shopping in outdoor markets, shooting water guns. I’m sure some of these are actual activities, but I’m wondering how many are staged for the cameras.

US MileyAnd then there’s the outrageous. And who is better at delivering Shock and Awe these days than Miley Cyrus? it used to be Brittany Spears, but I believe she has toned it down a lot, while Ms. Cyrus seems to be going all out for maximum exposure (pun intended). Seriously, was her decent and respectable reputation all that terrible? She’s quite the role model for young women now, isn’t she? I wonder if she cleans her own car windshield and carries her own groceries too…just like us…except with more clothing on our bodies.

But I must admit, I’m oddly fascinated by this magazine. Inside the pages are tidbits of gossip about celebrities I’ve never heard of…nor care to. I’m up to date on all the latest Hollywood baby bump news and know exactly what is inside the purse of some random actress. In the coming issues, I’ll be treated to a month-by-month summary of the status of Princess Kate and Prince William’s latest royal pregnancy, and will discover who is dating/dumping/re-dating who. I can get the latest sneak peaks at upcoming TV shows and movies; PLUS discover a celebrity’s recipe…who I’m sure cooks for him/herself. However, I found the article on Joan Rivers in the most recent edition very well done, and I enjoyed reading it.

So, for the foreseeable future…or until the publishing company discovers we’re not paying for it…this jewel of information will land in our mailbox each week, keeping us well informed on the important news of Hollyweird.



Working from home has its perks

Twix 7 months-perfect 72texture by Kim Klassen; chase, 100% screen with selective masking

She is everything that is perfect wrapped in a tiny bundle.
~Bon Johnstone

 I AM working. No really, I am. :-)

Seriously, I wrote and designed a promotional sheet for a new service, finished a convention email in Constant Contact, revised an client sheet on weblink reporting instructions and answered a whole bunch of emails…much of it while juggling a 7 month old on my lap. All before 10am.

Then, to reward my efforts after Twix decided to nap, I played in Photoshop for a while. I think that’s more than fair, don’t you? Hopefully the afternoon will be equally productive…until Peanut hits the door at 2:50pm. All bets are off by 3pm.

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Peanut through the years

I can’t even believe it’s been six years since I took this photo.
Peanut 2008 birth
Golfer w-goddaughtersYesterday was Peanut’s sixth birthday! We’ve been celebrating her birthday in one form or another since last Thursday. Her Godmom, The Golfer, made the trek from Florida to middle Missouri to see everyone so, of course, we had an perfect excuse to start early.

Last Saturday was the kid party…a rambunctious time at a local gymnastics gym with twelve extremely high-energy 4-6 year olds. And last night was the official birthday dinner…at Olive Garden.

But today I want to share with you Peanut through the years. I remind myself…especially on the challenging days…how fortunate I am to have her in my life. It truly doesn’t seem like it’s been six years since this blessing showed up in our lives!

Peanut 3 daysThe Peanutpeanut tree 2009peanut pumpkin 5peanut belly laugh

papa & peanutpeanut tree summer 2010
Peanut eyesPeanutNov1   Peanut-wicker peanut joy  purple peanut Peanut & sand Peanut-nana Peanut  and Mama peanut pumpkin 1  Peanut Easter72 peanut and mom Peanut K 1
Peanut K 2

She definitely has her moments, and is very challenging and stubborn much of the time. But she is also be adorable, smart, loving and sensitive to a fault.

Happy Birthday Peanut! You’re one of the bright lights of my life and I wouldn’t trade you for anything! Nope, not even dark chocolate! :-)

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A collage for August

August 2014 collage texture
texture by Kim Klassen; Follow, 100% Soft Light

Well, August is on the books now as we reminisce about summer. The month was full of highs and lows at our casa. With the cooler temps, we didn’t get to the pool as much as we’d like to have. We did spend a lot of time outside on the patio, but those dog days of summer never really materialized.

The gardens have never looked so good in August as they did this year. And the birds and other wildlife seemed more active as well. We’ve planted some more sweet corn and the okra has decided it’s now hot enough to grow. Peppers and tomatoes are hanging on although the tomatoes are looking a bit worn out.

Twix turned 6 months old and has graduated to a full menu of food items….pureed of course. And she luuuvs her food! She’s rolling and sitting unassisted, and will actually play with toys in the floor. A major accomplishment that allows the *nanny* to work a bit more than last month. She grabs at ev.ery.thing and we have to be very careful what we’re doing when she’s on our laps. She still is not a fan of riding in the car….something about being totally restrained just doesn’t set well with her free spirit!

There was quite a bit of anxiety and hesitation with the coming of the first day of kindergarten. Peanut and I still talk about some of those fears as she is going to sleep at night. She is still adjusting as they all have to memorize their 6-digit school number in order to buy lunch, log on to computers and check out books from the library. (Of course, everyone is very patient with the kindergarteners.) But, if you don’t know your number, you miss free time and have to work with the teacher on memorizing it. She’s terrified she’ll miss free time…even though she knows her number fairly well already.

And then there are friend issues. Her pre-K buddies are all scattered across the district to different schools and she misses them. She really doesn’t take separation from those she loves very well. In her soon-to-be-six-year-old mind, she’ll never see any of them again and will never make another new friend…ever. Of course, last Friday when she got off the bus, she told me she had a new friend, but couldn’t remember her name.

Now, I’ll turn my attention towards Autumn…right after I freeze some more okra, make more baby food, clean up Peanut’s *treasures* scattered around the house (an endless job it seems), follow up on some work emails and calls and make sure Twix is happy and healthy…not necessarily in that order.   :-)

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August Photo Challenge: Colorful

photo blog challenge

Where does the time go?! Seems like it was just last week when PJ’s August photo challenge was posted. Now, on Sept. 1st, I’m a day late and more than a dollar short.

But here we are at the end of summer. August was a very colorful month, for sure.

peanut pool
The pool is always good for a colorful photo opp. Peanut, Twix and I spent time there when the weather was warm enough!

twix chair
Twix is sitting very well. She has a very colorful chair that helps support her upright.

peanut state fair
The sights and sounds of the state fair are always colorful in more ways than one can count! Corn dog in one hand and cotton candy in the other, Peanut is very stylish in her PINK cowgirl hat!

garden spider
Found this colorful beauty hanging around in the garden. She’s harmless to humans, but looks very imposing, doesn’t she?!

school supplies
And finally, look at all the colorful school supplies…complete with a Disney Princess LIGHT-UP lunchbox!

Not much commentary this month. It flew by and is still flying! Hope you all can find you way over to PJ’s to check out other colorful, August pics.

Happy Labor Day!


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