June Photo Blogging Challenge: Anything Goes

PJ’s prompt for June was Anything Goes and we were free to do whatever we wanted for the challenge. There won’t be much commentary for my shots this month. With rain, rain and more… Continue reading

Mud slide!

One hour mud bath: California $60 One hour mud massage: New York $85 Fifty minute mud bath: Las Vegas $110 Thirty minute mud bath: Miami $30 Two-hour Middle Missouri mud foot soak: Free.… Continue reading

Continued hiatus and a May calendar

What is this thing called blogging and how does it work? Seems like that is what I should be asking since I’ve been away for so long. And it’s not that I intend… Continue reading

Sick kitty

Guess I can cross another item off the bucket list. I didn’t realize this experience was even on the list, and it was definitely a first for me. One of our kitties is sick.… Continue reading

Photo Blogging Challenge: Spring

Another month has come and gone and May is just a memory now as we get ready to launch into summer. True to form, May at our house was filled with May-hem with all… Continue reading

Finding Contentment

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. ~Unknown Contentment: being mentally and emotionally satisfied with life. Okay, just who are those people? In… Continue reading

Five Photos, Five Stories #5

Whew, I made it!! Five days ago when Carol tagged me for Five Photos, Five Stories, I thought it would be an impossible task. I barely get one post a week anymore, much… Continue reading

Five Photos, Five Stories #4

It was one of those lessons that had to be learned the hard way. When The Investigator was in elementary school, she had a permanent tooth coming into her upper palette. Since that’s… Continue reading

Five Photos, Five Stories #3

Before the golden retriever (Tanner) we have now, there was Sundance…our first golden retriever. And while this is a shot of Tanner, our second retriever, the two share a lot of similarities. Both L.O.V.E.… Continue reading

Five Photos, Five Stories #2

It was circa 1980-something and we had relocated from Omaha, NE to Olathe, KS. We had bought a house and were settling into the neighborhood. As with any homeowner opportunity, there was a lot of… Continue reading

Five Photos, Five Stories #1

I have been nominated by Carol over at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind to participate in the Five Photos, Five Stories meme, which simply says I should post a photo each day for five… Continue reading

April’s miracles and mysteries

We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery. ~HG Wells A bit late on putting together… Continue reading

Look backwards to move forwards

Texture by Kim Klassen; Waterfront 7 Magic, 100% soft light To look backwards for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it more fit for  its prime… Continue reading

April Photo Blogging Challenge

The year is marching along and here it is already the end of April. And that means it’s time for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt was Family and Friends. With Easter falling within the… Continue reading

Lessons learned from Maleficent

So, I just got around to watching Disney’s Maleficent released last year. I stalled because I’m a bit conflicted in how I feel about Angelina Jolie. But, being a lover of the fantasy genre, Peanut,… Continue reading