Positive attitudes, friendly smiles and encouraging words

Thursday again already? And already the downhill side of March? Unbelievable. I’m blog hopping again today with Thankful Thursday, hosted by Brian’s Home.

Entrepreneur had his third immunotherapy session yesterday. So far, so good. We’re thankful there hasn’t been any significant side effects from these sessions. Definitely not like it was when he was on oral chemotherapy and lost 20+ pounds, his sense of taste and all the color in his hair. Twix accompanied him again to offer her emotional support and report on what snacks were available in the kitchen area of the infusion room.

Cancer. The very word can strike terror in hearts and minds. We are fortunate to have found a caring and competent oncologist. We’re encouraged with the reports of the Opdivo drug in renal cell cancer trials. Since he’s a once-a-monther in the infusion room, we’re grateful for the staff that tends to the physical needs as well as the medical necessities. They also serve up a dose of humor from time to time.

Upon entering the room, there is a case filled with origami cranes. One thousand cranes were made for a high-school teacher by the students in the school. When he went into remission, the family donated the cranes to the infusion room where they now live to offer hope for those who enter in.

The room also offers free hats and scarves for infusion patients.

This is a difficult and long journey. Our prayer partners offer unending support and our faith in Jesus sustains us during those dark, unsettled days. In-between, there are caring people who serve. Yes, it is their job, but when they choose to do it with positive attitudes, friendly smiles and encouraging words, we’re reminded how blessed we are during this journey.

What’s in your life today that causes you to be thankful?


Happy Birthday Bridget!

This is a bit late, but I wanted to commemorate this little lady’s birthday before March completely gets away from me.

Officially, we have recorded her birthday as March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day because that’s the day the shelter had on their records. Bridget was one of five in a litter called the Irish Kittens. Our two daughters adopted the three female kitties plus one that was found behind a dumpster and added to the group.

That was in 2005. Bridget is the one on the left playing with Ripley’s tail. Ripley, and the one next to her, Midget (aka Colleen), have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Darby, the one on the right  playing with Midget’s tail is still alive and living with our oldest daughter and family.

Bridget is a calico cat with green eyes and is now 14 years old. Age is catching up with her health-wise, but she’s still hanging in there. Most of her days are spent trying to avoid Cabo’s energetic pursuit of her. But when he’s outside, she will stealthily sneak out of her hiding places to let me know she needs attention.

So, Happy Birth Day to you, Bridget.


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She’s Baaaack

Call us crazy, but Entrepreneur and I have agreed to have Twix come back to our house during the weekdays while Mama is at work. Last August, when Entrepreneur was in the throws of oral chemotherapy and life was more unsettled than normal, we all decided it might be better if Twix went to an actual preschool for her last year before kindergarten.

One was found that was affordable and in a convenient location. It was housed in a church and we were told it was a daycare but had a Pre-K program. After a few months, we found out that, while being run by very nice women, it was not facilitated by an actual preschool teacher. Although Twix was doing well, she was not learning much above and beyond what she already knew. Everyone complimented her on how advanced she was and how well behaved she was in class….which was awesome. But the question became, why are we paying Pre-K pricing if it’s primarily a daycare program? Sort of defeated our purpose.

So, as of last Monday, she’s back at Nana & Papa Preschool. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds since I lamented on Monday all the things I have to get done in the next few weeks. Perhaps I can incorporate parts of my to-do list into some sort of learning activity for her.

Fortunately, being the pack rat I am, I’ve saved a truckload of some educational items from years past. When our girls were young, we had almost every age-appropriate Discovery Toy item in the catalog. Many of them have survived periodic purges and are being called into service once again. But, now they’re considered “vintage” toys.

Nana & Papa Preschool has its share of phonics and writing activities, but also incorporates lots of play. This vintage 1991 “toy” is designed to match objects and shapes by wrapping the string around the base to solve the question. Some are easy, some require abstract thinking. We also have these “wrap ups” in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Twix can easily do the abstract set marked for 6+, so we’ll be moving up to the abstract set for 8+ shortly.

A more recent educational toy at our house is called Imagination Magnets from Mindware. As you can see, it’s manipulating geometric shapes to create pictures of things. Of course, we have a Discovery Toy version that predates this concept, but this one is a favorite of both Twix and Peanut.

Twix also has an electronic LeapStart with interactive activity books so I think we have about everything covered for core academics, spatial reasoning and science. And we have books….oh so many books! Being a pack rat does have its perks.

Most of all, we have the opportunity to continue to play with our grand girl in such a way to get her ready to love learning, as well as making lasting memories. And for that we’re truly thankful.

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Awww Monday: Simple pleasures

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Like sun puddles.

It happens every year….I get to a point where I just can’t stand winter any longer. And I’m there. Now.

I’m tired of being cold. I’m tired of gray days. I’m tired of being inside yet the thought of going out in the cold keeps me tucked away within the walls of my house. This year seems worse than normal. Usually, for the most part, I take the seasons in stride. But, this year, I’ve noticed a shift in my attitude. Most years I can give it until around March’s spring break before I start whining about the cold. Some years, I can bundle up, go and do things unless it’s sub-freezing. Not this year. My motivation is gone. I’ve never been susceptible to SADD syndrome, but think I’ve caught it this year…sort of like the flu.

I have loads of unfinished projects….and no desire to complete them. Here are just a few of the ones with expiration dates of sooner rather than later:
1. Make two flower girl dresses for The Golfer’s wedding on May 11th.
2. Alter mother-of-the-bride dress for said wedding.
3. Finish layout of programs for said wedding and figure out where to get them printed.
4. Exercise and lose 10 pounds before said wedding
5. Take up the shoulders and hem a dress for the oldest daughter’s vacay (aka: delayed honeymoon).
6. Ongoing household responsibilities like cooking…and laundry…and cleaning.
7. Oh yeah, my day job(s).

I think I’ll just sit quietly in the next sun puddle for a while. It may just be the simple pleasure I need.

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Twix Tuesday

I was successful last November when I took the grand girls out to capture some Autumn memories.

But this time of year proves more challenging. Mainly because I don’t want to be outside in the cold for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Twix turned five years old on February 3rd and needed a five-year-old portrait to commemorate the event. She missed picture day at preschool because she was sick.

So I did it. And, it was a lot harder than I imagined since I have no studio set up in my house. It was rather comical to watch us creating make-shift backdrops and rearranging the furniture to use the natural light. But we got it done. Five is now officially commemorated.

This is probably the Preschool photo. We “did her nails” for the occasion. 

The rest are my attempts to capture her adorable personality….before she got completely hangry.

I can’t believe she is already five years old!

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