Lessons learned from Maleficent

So, I just got around to watching Disney’s Maleficent released last year. I stalled because I’m a bit conflicted in how I feel about Angelina Jolie. But, being a lover of the fantasy genre, Peanut,… Continue reading

Spring’s impromptu photo session

So I’m sitting in the office “working” when she tugs on my sleeve. It’s not so much a tug as a violent yank. My muse, the one who has been playing a game of… Continue reading

I found Spring!

Texture by Kim Klassen; Lily, 100% soft light Walk with me and see what I found this week in the garden. Have I told you I love hyacinths? I think they just might be… Continue reading

Quotography: April

 April hath put a spirit of youth in everything. ~William Shakespeare  Oh my goodness, I’m so happy spring has sprung. Tanner and I have had a couple of walks, and just the scent of… Continue reading

What is the Liturgy of your Life?

Texture by Kim Klassen; 0216 Magic When God forgives, he at once restores. ~Theodore Epp Liturgy. The word most likely conjures up negative impressions of stuffy, stale religious services that don’t really speak… Continue reading

Friday Randomness

Random pretty much describes my life perfectly these days! Lisa over at Simply Living Photography summed it up well when she said there seems to be a lot of time in the day,… Continue reading

March photo challenge: Two

Here is it the end of March already and time once again for PJ’s photo challenge. This month, the theme is Two…which was a little harder than I thought it would be. After… Continue reading

LTTL: ¡Viva Familia!

It began when Entrepreneur decided in January that this wall portrait was a bit out of date. Circa 2002, I must admit it is a bit dated! The pupper is Sundance, our first… Continue reading

February is but a memory

February is now a memory but brought a milestone birthday for Twix; A much-needed family vacation; And snow!! Twix turned ONE this year at the beginning of the month. Where does the time… Continue reading

Random 5 Friday Returns!

I was thrilled to come back from vacay to find out Nancy, at A Rural Journal, has returned to the blogosphere and has revived her Random 5 Fridays. I love her subtle wit and… Continue reading

One part fun; two parts silly

Our recent vacay couldn’t have come at a better time. With the recent challenges of Entrepreneur’s diagnosis and surgery, we all were on the short side of sanity. Add to that the daily grind… Continue reading

Winter runaway main event

Yesterday, I shared our very challenging travel day for our winter vacay. Today, we’ll focus more on the destination than the details. First, I have to say Peanut and Twix acted like seasoned travelers.… Continue reading

Winter runaway prequel

Let me begin by just sayin’ there is nothing quite like the stomach flu to help you lose those last, pesky four pre-vacay pounds. Yes, the stomach flu hit our house just days before we… Continue reading

February Photo Challenge: Winter

Here is it the first of March and I’m a bit late to PJ’s February link-up party this time because I ran away from winter the last part of the month. Yes, I was on… Continue reading

Simple emotions

Texture by Kim Klassen; just a touch; multiply 100% with selective masking At 10 months, she mastered a full crawl. She became upright at 11 months and discovered there is a whole new world about twelve inches off… Continue reading