Summer fun

Sharing life with dogs is never dull. The Puppers, Tanner and Peyton, are fast friends. They have an indoor/outdoor condo (kennel) with 2 bedrooms (2 crates with side-to-side carpet), an enclosed outdoor patio with (baby) pool. Central air (a fan) blows constantly to cool the “bedrooms,” and food and fresh water are never more than a few steps away.

That is, when they have not secured a place in the air conditioning on the kitchen tile.

But all the fun is outside.

Tanner discovered bubbles.




Peyton is a cat masquerading as a dog.

Hates anything wet. Rain. Pools. Sprinklers. Hoses.

And must lick clean anything that becomes wet. Including Tanner.



Sharing life with dogs. Never dull.


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