Right of Passage

We were expected to attend.

College Girl turned 21 and expected us to drive two hours and attend this right of passage

…with camera

…and designated driver status.

We were more than willing to comply.

Having heard the horror stories of 21-year-olds drinking themselves into stupors on their birthdays, we jumped at the idea of managing the chaos by our presence.

It began at her apartment.


Progressed to the restaurant.


And was in full swing at the bar.


Adorned with a tiara (with blinking lights) at the bar, she lit up the darkness with her bubbly personality and easy-going demeanor. Within the entourage, sentries were posted on the perimeter to make sure no one slipped anything into her drinks as she mingled, making friends with everyone willing to sing Happy Birthday.

Compete with a “shot book” made by one of her friends, we documented each celebratory shot with a photo and signature. Early on, shots alternated with glasses of water and food.

Smart College Girl. So glad our money is going for some useful knowledge.

She made it to shot 17 and announced she was ready to go home.


Steadying herself on Dad’s arm, she navigated the parking lot and we took the entourage back to her apartment. I wonder how many parents can say they’ve been asked to be the DD on their kid’s 21st birthday?!

Asleep on her bed, the BFF and I put her in sweats, took off her tiara and tucked her in for what was sure to be a very long night/day ahead.

Our baby is 21. Legal. An adult by all legal definitions.

I have an odd sense of relief…mixed with brand new fears.
But I’m a mom. That’s my job.


5 thoughts on “Right of Passage

  1. You sound like great parents to have your daughter’s trust! Wow. I hope my daughter and I will be that close when she grows up (something I hear happens- but I don’t quite believe yet). 🙂 Great post.

    Well done!


    • Thank you for the kind words. I hope you and your daughter keep the lines of communication open. She will appreciate your wisdom after she’s a teenager!


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