Disturbing trend?

Seriously. I truly thought it would take longer before the text-crazed generation began applying for grown-up job positions. It’s long been known that the nuances of texting include a complete lack of spelling and grammar knowledge. For some reason it is acceptable to text with misspelled words devoid of punctuation or other references to grown-up writing ability. I must admit, I’ve been guilty of it as well when texting to my daughters. But when it comes to formal writing or business communication, I return to adulthood and pay close attention to details.

Last week at work I was wearing a Human Resource Manager hat and reviewing job applicants for The Boss. A tedious job because, after a while, all cover letters sound the same; all tout the same marvelous qualifications, bubbly personality and a desire to be part of a team in a fast-paced company. So unique.

Then, I came across this one sent via the Internet. I have copied and pasted verbatim, not changing one word, space, comma or period so you can get the full effect. Speechless? Yes. Teachable moment? You bet. I sent her a carefully phrased “rejection letter,” and offered some recommendations and advice before she sends yet another disaster of a letter/resume.

I understand much of our laisse-faire culture doesn’t ascribe to “old fashion” forms of communication. And in our 140-characters-or-less networks, it barely seems worthwhile to even try. But some things should never change.

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5 thoughts on “Disturbing trend?

    • I should tell you about some of the strategic plan first drafts I get in my capstone classes! Most groups fail the first draft. It’s quite the wake up call.


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