Vegetate: “be inert, deteriorate, exist, go to pot, go to seed, hibernate, idle, languish, loaf, pass time, stagnate”

That defines the perfect vacation. A mental health break from the rats and the race of life during the dreary, cold, Midwest winter.

And our favorite place to vegetate is Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. We’ve been 6 times in 12 years.

The Entrepreneur stakes out the best resort loungers long before breakfast and strategically positions them for optimal morning sun worship. I join him at the more reasonable hour of 10am.

With book in hand and feet planted deep into the cool, white sand, I lift my Bahama Mama, salute the sun and prepare myself for a day of blissful vegetating. We are armed with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Happy hour is day-long on the Caribbean beach.

When I’m tired of reading, I engage in my second favorite beach activity…people watching. Since God made people in His own image, He must have more personalities than Sybil.

Mid-afternoon calls for the much-needed nap in the room before dinner. Only then do we venture outside the resort walls to one of our favorite restaurants to watch the sun settle into the ocean and over-indulge on our favorite vacation cuisine.

I have beautiful photos of ocean sunsets. But, oddly enough, no ocean sunrises. The closest photo of a sunrise was one I took with the sun rising over the clouds…at 10am.

No matter. “Life’s a beach” when your vegetating on one.

sunset 2


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