It’s called golf…

College Girl is in her last year of higher education. It started with a high school signing ceremony for a golf scholarship. Over the years we have laughed, cried, sweat, froze, encouraged, praised and cussed stroke for stroke the athletic ride.

It all began when she was around 8 years old. Entrepreneur put golf clubs in both daughters’ hands and introduced them to the Greatest Game Ever Played.

Both played for their high school’s team. Both experienced the excitement of playing in the state championship tournament. Army Wife went in a different college direction, leaving her sister to pursue women’s golf scholarship opportunities.

For more than a decade we traipsed around after this child in golf tournaments in

hot golf

the sweltering Midwest heat (with heat indices over 100 degrees)

cold golf cold golf 2

the frigid Midwest cold (God bless Under Armor)

rain golf

the spring/fall rains (more than our fair share)

hole in one

Hole in One!

the thrill of (a hole-in-one) victory, and…

the agony of defeat (we don’t speak of these things)

Through the game of golf, we hope she ends her athletic education with lessons learned about: integrity, perseverance, honesty, determination, patience, and humbleness in success as well as failure. All lessons she would be wise to remember as she makes her way in life.

And we all  know why it’s called “golf.” It’s because all the other four-letter words were taken.

Thank you for taking time to comment. I appreciate each and every one.

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