The Spendor of Fall

The Northeast ain’t got nuthin’ on us Midwesterners this year when it comes to fall color! Here in Middle Missouri the trees are stunningly beautiful. The best display of self promotion I’ve seen in decades.

Fall is, hands down, my favorite season. With trees robed in scarlet red, flame orange and fluorescent yellow, it’s all I can do to keep my eyes on the road and not run over signs…other cars…pedestrians.

Look. You’ll agree. It’s not my fault.



tree 3

tree 4

You never know when the perfect tree will present itself, so I’ve kept my camera in the car, just in case. I’m sure Entrepreneur and all the neighbors think I’m nuts, stopping at a moment’s notice to capture the brilliance of a tree. But, as a 96-crayon-box type of person, it’s truly beyond my control. The colors truly take your breath away. My photos pale in comparison to the real thing.



The West Coast may have its sunshine; the South, its charm; the East, its colonial heritage…but give me the four good ol’ Midwest seasons and let me enjoy the best  nature has to offer all year long. Of course, THE BEST part of Fall so far this year has been…

peanut pumpkin

peanut pumpkin2

Frequent readers knew this was coming. 😀


2 thoughts on “The Spendor of Fall

  1. Lisa, the photos and your grandbaby are beautiful. And please, do feel free to use the Five Good Things. Others use it (including Kitchen Door, who left the comment before you did) and I think it’s a fun way to reflect on Fridays. It’s also really helpful if one isn’t feeling particularly grateful. There’s always something to be conjured up! And five is an an interesting number. Three is easy, four is possible, but some days you have to ponder to get to five. I look forward to seeing your lists. BTW, here’s Kitchen Doors blog. She’s become a blog friend through comments….I think you’ll enjoy her writing.



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