Cosmic tug of war?

autumn sunset 72

Army Wife called me on her way to Walmart. “Drop everything, grab your camera and shoot the sunset before it’s gone!”

She was spot-on right.

Aside from the sheer, unadulterated beauty of this sunset, one band of clouds had an uncanny appearance of a braided rope. This led me to wonder what sort of cosmic tug-of-war was going on in the heavens…unseen by us mere mortals.

As the rope stretched across the evening sky, the entire effect was surreal.

I hope everyone “drops everything” sometime this week to enjoy something amazing…before it’s gone.

4 thoughts on “Cosmic tug of war?

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  2. Good message and thanks for sharing this image that I’d consider to be one of those rare only a few times in a lifetime type of view.

    I can’t remember seeing anything like it.


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