My entrepreneur

It’s oh so not easy living with an entrepreneur. While my entrepreneur has many outstanding qualities, much of the time I live in a constant state of head-shaking. My entrepreneur fits the stereotypical be-your-own-boss, if-it-has-to-be-it’s-up-to-me attitude to a T. Therein lies most of the problems frustrations challenges opportunities.

Entrepreneur thrives on opportunity and goal setting. He sets them for himself…and for me…and for employees…and for the kids…and for the dogs. The only person free of goals being set for them is Peanut…for now. He has a compelling need to achieve goals, but in his own way. Not that this is a bad thing, but it’s irritating when he doesn’t believe another way is just as good, or, heaven forbid, better.

There is a never-ending sense of urgency in Entrepreneur’s world. He thrives on productivity. Me? Not so much. Did I mention he’s a “lark” and I’m an “owl”? He’s up at dumb-o’clock in the morning and asleep in front of the TV at 9pm. I prefer not to rise before the sun is actually up, but can always find things to do well past 11pm. I can easily spend Saturday morning doing absolutely NOTHING until noon (not that hard to do when you don’t get up until 9am).

Everything must have a purpose with Entrepreneur, and he gives new meaning to the term, “outcome based education.” Success is defined by performance, and nothing less than perfection is expected.

More concerned with outcomes and goal achieving, Entrepreneur is much less concerned about feelings. This is more of a problem for me, but I cope with it and try not to let it upset me. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes it’s just a big fat FAIL on my part. I have to remember, this is simply who he is. It’s just part of his DNA.

But, for all these problems frustrations challenges opportunities, he never gives up. Setbacks are never failures. He simply changes directions. Thanks to his anal-retentive attitude about money, savings, credit and debt, we very well may be retiring well before the age of 60!

He’s a consummate Type-A driven personality. On a DISC profile, he’s an off-the-chart High D. With Meyers Briggs, he is an ESTJ. I’m more of the ENFP type. Quite the opposite in just about every sense! He’s a list-maker. I’m a mind-mapper. He’s left-brained; I’m right-brained. How we ended up together is sometimes a mystery. How we’ve stayed together for almost 30 years may be an even bigger mystery. And, the fact that we work together only adds to the mystery of why neither of us has committed manslaughter.

For Entrepreneur, living among mere mortals is very painful most of the time. A unique ability to read his mind and anticipate his next thought is very helpful for survival. Sometimes I possess this sixth sense; other times I don’t. Therein lies a lot of problems frustrations challenges opportunities for me.

And then he does something like this: He brings me an ice-cream sandwich in the middle of the work day. Ice cream. In November. On a rainy day. When the temps are struggling to make it to the mid-40s.

Yep, he marches independently to the beat of his own drummer.


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