America’s Best Restroom Award

You read right. There is actually an award for the best bathroom in America. Go figure.

It is reported that 75% of us would not return to a restaurant if the restrooms were not clean. Nothing is nastier than a questionable restroom in a place that serves my meals. Makes me wonder about the kitchen. And the staff. This award, presented by Cintas, gives credit where credit is due and commends organizations who go above and beyond in providing a pleasant experience in their public restrooms.

I have to agree 100% with the winning choice. Above and beyond…and into outer space.

The winner is a The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, MO! I’m sure you’ll agree. While there’s a fair amount of Christmas decs here, most of the extravagance is permanent. I’m positive some people come to the theatre just to see the bathrooms and never step foot into the show! Milling around in the lobby, the bathrooms are the hot topic of conversation.

First we have the 1800 SQUARE FOOT ladies room. That’s more square footage than our first home.

It is complete with marble fireplace imported from Paris, stained glass, fresh flowers, black Italian marble and an attendant to quirt lotion onto freshly-washed hands and offer a spritz of cologne.

Yep, there’s a pink Christmas tree in the ladies room.

And now, a shot of the 1800 square foot men’s room. After much coaxing, Entrepreneur took my camera in and shot one pic. Just one. It’s probably better there weren’t more. Who knows what we would have seen. Instead we have a shot of the hand-carved mahogany pool table. It’s said there are black leather chairs, marble lion head sinks and a $15,000 marble fireplace.

This post really doesn’t do these two houses restrooms justice. Extraordinary, opulent and extravagant. You just have to see it to believe it.


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