Hey baby, it’s DARN COLD outside…

The 40 mph wind gusts, not my alarm, woke me up this morning as it mercilessly whipped the windows screaming, “Don’t get out of bed! Are you crazy? Stay home. Play sick! Don’t go outside under any circumstances!”

It’s one of those Midwestern winter days that remind me why I’m certain I could find some type of employment in the Caribbean. High temps for the day are going to happen this morning, sink to 15 by the afternoon and bottom out around 8 tonight. Eight degrees. Add a wind chill of -5 and the dogs will raise their heads from the warm family room floor and say, “HECK NO, I don’t need to go pee.” Where are the hot flashes when I really need them.

But am I at home tucked away in a warm house with cocoa and my feet snuggled into my slippers? No. I’m at work. With my space heater on full blast and drinking hot tea as fast as the microwave can make it. And, I’m going to run out of honey today. And, of all days, I have a lunch appointment.

And to top it off, the snow that was predicted has predictably missed us and gone north. At least a little snow would make the aggravation of the cold seem worthwhile.

At least I have Christmas music.


4 thoughts on “Hey baby, it’s DARN COLD outside…

  1. Come to California, where we are all dying (dying I tell you) because the low has been in the 30s. Alex wouldn’t even come downstairs last night. I huddled under three quilts. It gets up to 50 during the day…..we have no idea how to deal with this.


  2. Ahhh, you’re reminding me of why I moved south. I don’t miss those winters AT ALL. Especially when you have to go to work in that mess. I’d much rather be home, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. I’ll try to send you some sunshine and warmth!


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