From our clan to yours, Merry Christmas

After two days of rainy 50ish degree days, the snow started on cue in the wee hours Christmas morning. Army Wife was excited. If you live in the Deep South long enough, snow becomes a novelty. Santa arrived and brought Peanut toys…big toys. The Cadillac of all red wagons, deluxe play gym, a toy box so big we could fit 3 of her inside, and books, books and more books. She is destined to follow after her Momma and Nanna.

And the snow continued. All day. So did the winds…the 45 to 50 mph variety that cuts through coats and makes it feel like ice is running through your veins. The puppers were mercifully kept inside. Tanner, the Golden, looked longingly outside all day with eyes that said, “Puleeeeeze, can I go play in the snow?” Peyton, the dog who is more cat than dog, was happy to park herself by the nearest warm body. The cats took refuge under the tree.

We did brave the bitterness and venture out to Entrepreneur’s side of the family for the Christmas clan gathering. Four hours of pure chaos. Once back home, there were Christmas movies to watch and hot chocolate with Bailey’s to drink with my two girls. We watched 6 hours of movies after Peanut was tucked in her crib. Entrepreneur left us after the first movie. Just too much estrogen, I imagine.

I can’t help but believe this was my last Christmas with both my girls home at the same time. Next year, Army Wife and family will be stationed someplace else with little leave time. College Girl will become College Graduate and be blown to parts unknown. My Norman Rockwell Christmas is gone. Not that we EVER even remotely resembled a Norman Rockwell painting, but, hey, it’s my fantasy so I can dream. Next year, the nest will probably be painfully empty. Betcha Norm never painted that one.

But, this year, my clan was safely gathered under one roof. The Christmas was white. There was enough food to “feed Cox’s army,” as my mother would say. The wine was in abundant supply. In my mind, it was almost a perfect Christmas. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to see Army Guy walk through the door.


4 thoughts on “From our clan to yours, Merry Christmas

  1. Your family looks beautiful. Once we all moved away, my mom would remind me that Christmas is a season, not just a morning. Enjoy the rest of the season, my friend.


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