Resolute about resolutions

It’s taken me a while to decide if I want to write something about New Year’s resolutions or not. I make them, break them and hate them. I don’t make resolutions anymore so I won’t feel crummy when I can’t live up to the expectations. To want to better yourself is a commendable goal, and I wish all of you who made resolutions much success. I’m just going to struggle along and take one day at a time; looking for opportunities to better my life and be a blessing to those around me. Hopefully, somewhere along the line, I’ll become a better daughter, wife, mom, grandmom, employee, teacher, etc.

Oops, I guess that’s a resolution, of sorts.

Resolute. I’m firmly resolved/determined not to be held hostage by resolutions this year. It’s an organic new year decade for me.

Darn. I keep making resolutions. Mental note to stop doing that.

Resolution: rěz’ə-lōō’shən:
A formal expression of opinion or intention made
A course of action determined or decided on

Traditional explanations we all resent, avoid, embrace at the beginning of a new year. I found some alternative definitions I think could be in the running. According to Websters Online Dictionary and, definitions include:

1. Reduction to a simpler form. If resolutions absolutely have to be made, strive to make ones that simplify life instead of making it more complicated and stressful. Retirement comes to mind as a reduction to a simpler form.

2. (Literary) The part of a literary work in which the complications of the plot are resolved or simplified. See above definition. According to Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Our lives are the stuff from which good melodrama is made. Let’s strive to not provide the fodder we have in the past.

3. (Medical) The subsiding or termination of an abnormal condition. Hmmm, this one is interesting. Sometimes I think my life is a very abnormal condition. This definition could explain all the drug use in the sixties…not mine mind you…I was a child of the sixties and teenager of the seventies.

4. (Physics and Chemistry) The act or process of separating or reducing something into its constituent parts. I guess dissecting your life down to its core has merit. I’d be afraid if I reduced my life down to constituent parts, it would result in “extra” parts when I put it back together. Much like putting something mechanical back together (like a car). There are always parts left over you have no idea where they go or what to do with them.

5. (Photography) the degree of sharpness of a computer-generated image as measured by the number of dots per linear inch. Another interesting analogy. When computer images are enlarged past their intended resolution (like most young design students like to do), the image distorts and details are not sharp. Everything is fuzzy. I guess life is like that as well. When we get carried away and don’t pay attention to our optimal resolution, life gets fuzzy and distorted. Returning to the resolution we were made to have puts everything into much sharper focus.

So there. Thoughts for a new year, a new decade and a new chance at life.


4 thoughts on “Resolute about resolutions

  1. Clever and wise post. I never make resolutions either ….although the big change in calendar dates does always make me reassess my life. Personally, I’m all for numero uno, above: ‘Reduction’. (That’s a reassessment I just made, not a resolution)! 😉


  2. These are my New Year’s resolutions: 1. Listen – help, challenge and pay attention to my inner self and other people. 2. Patience – Have more patience, God grant me the? serenity to accept the things I can’t alter, the courage to alter the things I can along with the wisdom to understand the distinction. 3. Yoga-honor my body as a gift from God enjoying and celebrating with breath and movement. yeah four. Organize- Great CD titled “Getting Things Done” assists me 5. Church Lessons-Doing the very best I can using the abilities I presently have.


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