Yankee meets Dixie

Army Wife married a “Southern Boy.”

And they call her a Yankee. The Alabama in-laws consider anyone outside the Deep South a Yankee. Technically, Missouri was considered south of the Mason Dixon line and was admitted to The Union as a slave state, but that’s beside the point when you live in the Deep South.

Three years in Alabama and she still doesn’t have a southern drawl, which doesn’t help her cause. To her credit, her speech is now peppered with “ya’ll” and “I reckon.”

But she’s bound and determined to learn how to make gumbo. Not just gumbo, but MiMi’s Gumbo. Army Guy’s grandma evidently makes gumbo to die for. We get gumbo about once a week, and I’m sure that trend will continue until she perfects the recipe in anticipation of his homecoming. The things we do for our men. (sigh)

Her goal is to make gumbo as good as MiMi…who lives in Cajun Country, Louisiana…and doesn’t really cook with a recipe.

And the taste testing continues.

Are you Yankee or Dixie? Take this quiz and find out. I’m 71% Dixie…and a born and bred Missourian…living south of the Maxon Dixon line.

Just throwin’ that out there.


4 thoughts on “Yankee meets Dixie

  1. Hah…I did the quiz, just to see. Not surprisingly, I’m only 39% Dixie (although how I even got that much is a puzzle). And, why on *earth* does anyone throw toilet paper over a house??!! 😀


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