Where to put the salt

It’s the time of year when I prefer my salt on the rim of a glass rather than on the roads, sidewalks, cars, my shoes, inside my house…..

In previous years, this is the time we usually run away from winter for a week to warmer climates. That climate is usually the Caribbean side of Mexico. Not so this year due to finances, and it’s already staring to mentally take its toll. How easy it was to adopt an escape-mode mindset after ringing in the new year. Winter tends to drag now in Middle Missouri. It’s worse if there isn’t any snowfall to distract from the doldrums. Now there’s just drab, gray, cold days. The snow is gone, replaced by temps above freezing. And that means mud. Muddy shoes, cars, dogs.

Contrast Mexico. The cool, white-sand, sun-drenched beaches of Cancun. An area book-ended by spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Umbrellas in every touristy drink. And the only salt is on the rim of my margarita glass, where it should be. Last year we went to Playa del Carmen. Considered the heart of the Mayan Riviera, it may reflect more of an authentic Mexican experience than the tourist trap called Cancun. For it’s on the Mexican highway, going back to your resort from an evening in town where you can experience up close and personal…the Mexican highway patrol. Officers that lie in wait for tourist rental cars so they can pull them over and issue tickets for “speeding.” My guess is, like us, most unsuspecting drivers are not. No point in arguing. They’re all corrupt. Be prepared to pay them off with cash and they are more than willing to forget the whole thing. Give me the ever-efficient, speed-crazed Cancun Hotel Zone bus drivers and leave me in peace. If you want to experience Mexican culture first hand in Cancun, forget the taxis and ride the city buses.

There is something therapeutic in sun, sand and surf. To look out over the azure-blue ocean calms my soul and creates a serenity in my core.

But this year we aren’t going.

So, as a replacement, here are some of my pics from past Mexico vacays. Call it my January mental health break.

And then, of course, there’s Margaritaville. Where the salt flows freely along with the margaritas.

One thought on “Where to put the salt

  1. Lovely shots. I patricularly like the little pier extending out over the turquoise ocean and that sandcastle – very creative!

    We have our own version of winter therapy (funds allowing) – jet off to the pretty-much-guaranteed sunshine of Naples in Florida, where we’ve found a nice house to rent. The bright light and colour is a shot in the arm for those of us who live rather too far north for our own liking. Looking through pretty photos of sunshine holidays is definitely good therapy. 🙂


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