The people choice award goes to…

Haiti and the Caribbean may be experiencing earthquakes and aftershocks, but the tremors reached clear up to Massachusetts yesterday. The unthinkable happened on 1.19.10. Fifty-six years of Democratic Senate representation ended with a definitive crash. More than half a century of a Kennedy Senate dynasty is now over.

A republican won in Massachusetts.

Something that hasn’t happened since 1953.

And I think the earth shook.

There will loads of finger-pointing and blame-gaming now. But when the dust settles and all the strategists are finished analyzing, strategizing and other izings, one thing will remain.

The people have spoken.

Boy, have they ever.

Massachusetts. The bluest of blue states. I still cannot really believe it happened. I honestly thought a Democratic victory was waiting in the wings. Looking back, I find it interesting that Ted Kennedy wanted to hand pick his successor to finish out his term before he died. Did he feel the winds of change happening under his watch? Was there any inkling this would/could happen? One thing is for sure now. If a Republican can win in Massachusetts, Republicans can probably win anywhere!

Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic strategist said yesterday’s election is the proverbial “canary in the coal mine.” It would be wise for the Dems to pay attention to that dead canary now.

2 thoughts on “The people choice award goes to…

  1. When we were down in Florida recently we were seeing quite a few bumper stickers reflecting dissatisfaction with Obama. Someone over here on the TV this morning said that if you looked at the approval rating of any new U.S. President after just a year it would probably reflect a slump. Maybe so, but the loss of that ‘safe’ seat must be sending shivers through the whole party. The analogy of the canary in the coal mine is a very good one.


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