Rebels without a cause

I think it started when College Girl turned 21. That’s when we became “cool” enough to hang with. This year, College Girl was home on her 22nd birthday. So after a nice, family dinner and presents…it was time to go “out.” I was nominated the DD. College Girl and Army Wife prepared themselves for the celebration. Entrepreneur was placed on babysitting duty and we headed out to meet her friends. It wasn’t that long ago that this type of behavior…bringing your MOM along…would have been grounds for serious social ostracizing. Guess with age comes wisdom. Especially when Mom is not allowed to judge the night’s events. I’d probably draw the line at dancing on the bar…Oh. Wait. She already did that at CoCo Bongo in Cancun a few years ago. Well, I guess there’s not much else to object to.

There was no dancing on the bar. But there were some birthday shots and the birthday girl (and her sister) were not feeling any pain by the end of the night.

Which brings me to Irish Car bombs. Who in the world sat around thinking, “I’ll pour some Guinness into a glass, mix a shot of whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream, drop it in the Guinness and chug it. College Girl abstained from Irish Car Bombs. In her words, “Car Bombs make me angry.” Her sister and friend took the dare.

Car Bombing with friends

Next came my birthday. College Girl came home specifically for the event, along with the promise of free laundry facilities…and a nice, expensive family dinner.

Entrepreneur was once again put on babysitting detail and we headed “out” to the local piano bar. College Girl graciously offered to be the DD. I’m sure they both were hoping they’d have to carry me out. But I couldn’t let THAT happen…would never be able to live that one down. After a glass of really, Really, REALLY bad house red and a few rum and Cokes, it was time to call it a night.

The piano bar was fun. Typical sophomoric-style humor from the “entertainment.” But a good time was had by all, and I got to spend more time “hangin'” with my girls.

Army Wife’s birthday is in March. I imagine we’ll put Army Guy AND Entrepreneur on babysitting detail and uphold what has obviously turned into a tradition.

Yep, Rebels Without a Cause. That’s us.


3 thoughts on “Rebels without a cause

    • Well, TWO beautiful girls and one OLD girl doing her best with what she has. 🙂 College Girl says is you take some Vitamin B before going to sleep, the hangovers aren’t so bad. I guess she should know!


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