Daddy-daughter reunion

Army Wife and Peanut packed up the car last week and drove 2 states to meet Army Guy’s unit returning home from their year-long deployment to Afghanistan. After delays in Kyrgyzstan. And Germany. And Hungary. And Maine. Army Wife was starting to think the Army had something against her. After all, it had been since last August that she’d seen him in person. He missed Peanuts first birthday, her first steps, first words (although it was reported she said Da-da in August on his 10-day R&R), her first kisses.

All that has been remedied now. He arrived at the hotel in the wee hours of the morning but was due back to base at 6:30am…well before his little family was awake. Peanut would have to wait a little longer to see her daddy.

Days away from being completely debriefed and released, dad and daughter (and wife) are finally getting reacquainted now. We wondered how Peanut would react to him since she was only 11 months old last time she saw him. Would she associate the photos of him with a real person? Would she hesitate when he came near? How long would it be before they bonded again?

Turns out, we had nothing to worry about at all. I must admit, though I’m partial to the emotional stirrings of “motherhood” photos, these stole my heart. (I stole borrowed these pics from Army Wife’s facebook album so you all could be part of this special homecoming scene). Get the tissues.

She saved one of her “first baby hugs” for daddy.


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