An ordinary day

TheycallmeJane recently posted a beautiful video that should be required viewing for every parent. I’ll warn you right now, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Tears will roll. Eye-makeup will smear. Tissues will be used. But as one who has experienced every single one of the stages, it’s a beautiful reminder that we all need to enjoy our children at every stage in their life. Even when we desperately desire to bury them in the ground and not dig them up until they can be rational beings…somewhere around 22 years old.

Make memories with your kids today. Once they are grown, the relationship deepens, but you can never completely capture the magic of those younger years. Where are the tissues? I can’t believe I’m ruining my makeup again just writing about this.

Remember, we only have 936 weekends with our kids from birth until they turn 18. Make the most of them. We’ve run out of those weekends now with our kids, but are trying to make memories with Peanut for the time we have left with her.


3 thoughts on “An ordinary day

  1. Too many people of my age didn’t get it, many even saying that they actually dreaded times like the long summer holidays. I was always the polar opposite and when/if (please) I have grandchildren around I will be doing exactly the same as you – cherishing every fleeting moment.


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