You are so beautiful…to me

Peg at Square Peg in a Round Hole was kind enough to present me with the beautiful blogger award. I’m flattered. Flattered because her blog is one I admire. I covet the ability to write like she and her sister, The Water Witch’s Daughter, do. They spin stories that captivate.

So I’m thinking I have some pretty big shoes to fill from here on out. Thanks for the pressure!

Here’s what I have to do to own the award:

Thank, then link to the person that gave you the award. Check.

Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic. Fifteen? I don’t have 15 daily reads, much less 15 new ones. I’m going to have to take a page from AC’s Scrapbook and just say, if we read each others’ blogs and comment on a regular basis, please consider this award given to you. No…really, take it…I insist. I think most of you already have this award.

Contact said blogs to let them know they’ve won. Check.

State 7 Things about yourself.

1) I’m a book addict. I’d rather buy a book and keep it than go to the library and check one out. I’m fast running out of bookcases., and afraid Entrepreneur is soon going to notice I’m taking up every spare shelf in the house. I guess as long as I don’t invade the garage, I’m safe.

2) I’m a firstborn, married to a firstborn. Our firstborn and her firstborn are living with us until she and Army Guy figure out their future plans. Thankfully, she didn’t marry a firstborn.

3)  I’m not afraid of snakes, bugs, spiders, mice or other critters.

4) I’m starting to embrace the idea of owning a gun. And learning how to use it. And getting a conceal and carry license. (Look out, granny’s packin’ some heat) But I don’t like hunting.

5) I grew up a “city kid” but am really anything but nowadays. I prefer to be barefoot; live away from crowded subdivisions, and would have a veggie garden again if it weren’t for the d@%$ deer.

6) I love Love LOVE being a Nanna (aka Grandma). I’m already planning my depression for when Army Wife/Guy and Peanut move out on their own again.

7) I’ve moved the household 8 times; 3 times children in tow. The sheer mention of moving again makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Now, in the spirit that this award is given, I’ve highlighted a few of the newer places I’ve been lately that I think are definite contenders.

Derek Jenkins Photography: Derek and I go way back. Almost 10 years now. I’m giving this to him and his beautiful wife because they have a Beautiful Blog in the truest sense of the word. You see, they’re a husband/wife wedding photographer team. Check out their work. You’ll definitely agree.

Ramblin’ with Roger: Roger is part of ABC Wednesday and comments on my posts every week. Likewise, I visit him in New York every Wednesday as well. Roger is an amazing writer and I could spend hours on his site…just ramblin’ and wanderin’ around.

Samantha Says and Vagrant Riot: These are two of my capstone students. They are aspiring advertising professionals and are full of energy, creativity and are just all around cute.

Again, thank you Peg for thinking of me.

4 thoughts on “You are so beautiful…to me

  1. Congratulations! I love awards, maybe I should make my own… And thanks for the mention! Definitely working like a rat on crack right now, but I’ll be updating soon. Have to make it a habit!


  2. Not afraid of spiders, snakes, or mice? You are BRAVE, indeed! And you’re packin’ heat…need to keep you on my good side!!!!


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