Hangin’ with some Hs

ABC Wednesday is a blogging meme started by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt. Each week, those of us with extra time on our hands select a word(s) beginning with the designated letter for that week and illustrate it through a photo, poem or prose. We in the states post Tuesday afternoon (Wed for our friends across the pond) or Wednesday morning. This is Round 6 of ABC Wednesday. It’s great fun and anyone can join in at anytime. To peek at previous weeks or check out this week’s entries, click on the ABC Wednesday logo in my sidebar.

I’ve chosen to feature unusual words from The Phrontistery each week and pair them with photos of familiar things. Unusual words for the letter H are very interesting. Since I didn’t have any pics to illustrate an infestation of worms, smelly goats, heavily-armored Greek foot soldiers or stinky armpits (seriously, there’s a word for that), you will have to do with these.

hypobulic: weak-willed; lacking in willpower
I so resemble this remark.

Which leads to….
hyperphagia: eating too much
Which I’m starting to resemble as well. See above.

hygrophilous preferring or living where there is an abundance of moisture
hydrophilous: loving or preferring water
Since these two words are related, it’s only fitting they have a a shot of my favorite tropical destination…anyplace with azure-colored oceans, shady palm trees and 80 degree weather (aka the Caribbean).

herpetiform: resembling or shaped like a reptile
This little guy lives at the Butterfly Palace in Branson, Missouri. Thankfully for the butterflies, not in the same room.

heliosciophyte: plant that thrives in sun better than shade
This spider mum looks like a little sunburst all on its own.

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