Climate Change

Last Friday was the last day of winter. And it was almost 70 degrees. Saturday was the first day of spring and it was in the 30s. With snow. Sunday, Entrepreneur and I drove 2 hours to watch College Girl play golf in one of her last “spring” tournaments.

Whoever thinks golf is a wimpy sport, needs to come watch these young women.

Let me set the stage.

Tee off delayed while golf superintendent watches the green blob on the radar move towards the course.
Time and Temp: 10am/38 degrees.
Wind: Unfortunately, yes.

We look like Nanook of the North. I have a cart. And a blanket. Entrepreneur walks (for the exercise). A BF has come to watch. He isn’t dressed for the Arctic. Entrepreneur gives him an extra coat, hat and umbrella. I give up my Nanook of the North gloves and switch to my not-so-insulated ones. Cute, but completely impractical.

College Girl tees off at 11am wearing 5 layers of clothing and a rain suit. Hand warmers are in her pockets.
Temp: 38 degrees.
Wind: North  15 to 20 mph.

And then it begins to rain. Not your light spring rain that makes the flowers grow.
This rain really, really wants to be snow.
Wind: Enough to dip the wind chills to around 30.

What the #$%*are we doing out here? Oh, the things we do for our kids.

The bag weighs about 30 pounds. No carts allowed for the golfers. That’s like toting a small child around on your back for 5 miles. In the rain. Against the wind.

Time and Temp: 2pm/barely 40 degrees.
Wind: Stiff.
Rain: Steady.

Walking spectators use umbrellas as shields to forge the headwind.

Time and Temp: 4pm/40 degrees
Wind: Picking up and gusty.
Rain: Icy.
We’ve been out here for 5 hours. I can’t feel my toes. The cute gloves are soaked and my fingers sting. The hand warmers can’t keep up.

She’s tired. She’s cold. She’s wet. She’s hungry.

Golf. Not a sport for wimps.


4 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I love this post. I love the time and weather report puncuations – ‘Wind: Unfortunately, yes.’
    I especially love the photos. That first one of your daughter is gorgeous. And the brollies against the wind. I can *see* how cold it was.
    I hope you all treated yourselves to a steaming hot chocolate afterwards!


    • Hot chocolate would have been nice…with a nip of Bailey’s. The course didn’t offer hot chocolate! We all went to get a hot meal after she was finished.


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