Don’t worry, it’s not Xanthopsia*

We’ve almost brought Round 6 of ABC Wednesday to a close. The meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt. Each week word(s) beginning with the designated letter are selected and illustrate through a photo, poem or prose. My twist on the meme is selecting unusual words from The Phrontistery and pairing them with photos of familiar things in my world.

I don’t have my usual plethora of unusual words this week. It’s pretty slim pickins’ for unusual X words so I chose one word that could be represented by many different photos.

xanthic: yellow; yellowish.
Yellow is such a wonderfully, cheery color. We see it everywhere in nature from birds to flowers to veggies to fruits to trees…even our sun is considered a yellow ball of fire in the sky.

So, here’s to everything xanthic. Hopefully all these are self explanatory.

* xanthopsia: a visual condition where things appear yellow.

This is Round 6 of ABC Wednesday. To peek at previous weeks or check out this week’s entries, click on the ABC Wednesday logo in my sidebar. Hope you play next time around!

24 thoughts on “Don’t worry, it’s not Xanthopsia*

  1. I’ve got a pair of yellow tinted glasses, which makes my world very yellow whenever I wear them: night and bad weather. So that would be xanthopsic glasses I guess…


  2. I love the colour YELLOW. (But then I love blues, greens, pinks, greds, oranges… you get the picture?!) Beautiful yellow images! I have just learned this new word for yellow, ‘xanthic’ and I wonder if I will ever use it. (Well, maybe in this novel that I am writing in my spare time…)
    Lovely post!
    Well done. X was not an easy letter!
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s X-words


  3. I loved that you posted all things yellow. What I noticed when I hit the dictionary was how many xan- words were of or pertaining to yellow. The photos are all stunning.


  4. Lovely photos Lisa. The last one, with all its shades of yellow and gold is just stunning.

    I’ve come across the name ‘Xanthe’ before so now I have an inkling what this might mean to the parents who choose this name …sunshine, perhaps??


  5. This is a really nice sunshiny post for a difficult letter. This is my first time through the alphabet with everyone and I’m truly enjoying it.


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