Yogn* words

Well, here it is, Tuesday and only two more letters in Round 6 of ABC Wednesday. The meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt. Each week word(s) beginning with the designated letter are selected and illustrate through a photo, poem or prose. My twist on the meme is selecting unusual words from The Phrontistery and pairing them with photos of familiar things in my world.

This is Y week and I’m now seriously wondering why I chose unusual words for this game. I couldn’t find a residence of a feudal Japanese nobleman (yashiki), and I forgot my cell phone today so obviously I’m very yonderly (absent-minded) because of the three-day holiday weekend. So here’s what I’m submitting for you this time around.

yarak: of a hawk, in good condition for hunting.
Not sure if this red tailed hawk is in good condition since she has to spend some time at the wild bird sanctuary. But, I’m sure in her prime, she was a fierce hunter.

younker: a young person.
Here are a couple of younkers named Peanut and Big Bro. Peanut adores him, and he thinks she’s pretty special as well.

*yogh: letter in Middle English representing y or ‘hh’ sound

This is Round 6 of ABC Wednesday. To peek at previous weeks or check out this week’s entries, click on the ABC Wednesday logo in my sidebar. Hope you play next time around!


19 thoughts on “Yogn* words

  1. Your yonkers reminded me of something- so I have your next spin on abc wednesday series. I challenge you to use all yiddish words the next time around. Like M for mensch. πŸ™‚


    • Not sure I’d be very good with that spin! Don’t think I’d have too many pics for Yiddish words. But, feel free to take the idea for yourself! πŸ˜‰


  2. Funny thing is I went to the unusual word list for Y and remembered what all of your Y words meant! We have red-tailed hawks in abundance around here but I’ve never seen one this close up. Thanks for sharing those photos.


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