Zappy* words to end the round

Well, here it is…Z-DAY! The last day of Round 6 of ABC Wednesday. The meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt. Each week word(s) beginning with the designated letter are selected and illustrate through a photo, poem or prose. My twist on the meme is selecting unusual words from The Phrontistery and pairing them with photos of familiar things in my world. Now I have to start all over with another idea for Round 7.

As we come to the unceremonious end, I leave you with these words…

zitella: young girl; maiden.
While both are young, one’s technically a “maiden,” while the other could be, but is a “mom” instead. And, of course, I couldn’t end the round without another picture of the other young girl in my house, Peanut!

zoanthropy: delusion that one is an animal.
As you can clearly see by the grin, Peanut thought she was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland last Halloween. She will probably think the same this year as the costume was very roomy on such a Peanut of a 1 year old.

zoetic” living; vital.
Nothing says Livinla Vida Loca quite like summer and a sprayground! Peanut’s Big Bro was definitely living’ the crazy life as you can see here in his mid jump.

zoogenic” produced from animals.
zoogonous: giving birth to live offspring.
It’s calving season and there are little baby calves running around the pastures. They are adorable with their little white faces, and the moms were very patient while I carefully stepped around you know what to snap a few shots.

*zappy: lively; entertaining.
And that’s what this round has been. ZAPPY! To peek at previous weeks or check out this week’s entries, click on the ABC Wednesday logo in my sidebar. Hope you play next time around!


27 thoughts on “Zappy* words to end the round

  1. What a fantastic selection for Z! Yes indeed it has been a great Round 6 – here’s a toast to Round 7! Glad to know you will be part of the fun again!

    ABC Team


  2. That is an impressive “z” list for sure. My sister’s name is Zoe – I’d never heard the adjective before – I’ll have to let her know about “zoetic!”


  3. A Zappy post. No need to change ideas, I am sure there are still enough words left in The Phrontistery for another round aren’t there?

    I have been entertained, enlightened and educated by your posts.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, thank you for joining us. Round six has been a lot of fun, I hope you will join us again in round seven, as we start year four of this project.


  4. Wonderful photos. A calf and kids enjoying water–I love summer.

    On a side note, I will be publising my post tomorrow morning in response to your tagging me on June 30. Sorry for the delay and thanks again for the kind words.


  5. Well I don’t normally comment on weblogs but I came upon yours while I was doing a bit of work researching in Yahoo today and so i figured I might drop a quick comment. I have to confess that I’ve gotten a tad sidetracked going through and reading a number of your articles… I ought to probably be working. You’ve got some good insights here, so I am going to add you to my personal Google Reader for the future. Enjoy the week!


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