A bit of Monday randomness

You know you have it bad when you look at something and think in terms of a blog post. That’s exactly what happened here.

While enjoying watching grandkids in the pool, I came across this little 4-inch predator. I haven’t seen a mantis in the yard for years, so of course, I grabbed the camera in hopes of getting something good.

Did you know a mantis:

can turn its heads 180 degrees and its vision covers 300 degrees while looking for its prey?

has two large compound eyes plus three other simple eyes located between them? Is it any wonder it’s such a formidable hunter?

can see in color and has the same type of depth perception as a predatory mammal?

strikes faster than the human eye can see? High-speed photography has measured a mantis strike at 30 to 50 one-thousandths of a second.

is considered a good bug. But even though it’s a voracious hunter that can reduce the pests in your garden, it’s an equal-opportunity carnivore.

Given the aggressive, violent behavior of a mantis, I’m very glad I’m a lot bigger than they are!


12 thoughts on “A bit of Monday randomness

  1. I had one bite the crap o ut of my hand when I was a teenager! So I thumped it’s little head for a while…. sorry. I got a little carried away…. yes, they are ferocious.


  2. I’ve never tried to pick up a mantis – after reading your blog and the first comment, that sounds like a smart move. They are fascinating insects, aren’t they?


  3. A couple of years ago, our son planted preying mantis eggs in the yard, and in a few months our yard was crawling with them.

    As you mention their unique head turning ability, it is very weird to be hiding behind a bush during hide and seek and being next to a large mantis as it turns and seems to make eye contact with you.

    I wanted to do a post on these creatures, but I think yours is so much better than I had in mind.


  4. Wonderful little chap! I love the way he has turned to look straight at the camera. Of course, as you say, if he was the same size as me I wouldn’t be finding that quite so cute any more!


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