Chocolate wisdom

Yes, it’s once again time for some Chocolate Wisdom. And that’s NOT just because I don’t have any stashed in my office and I’m going through withdrawal. Just ignore that part.

College Girl/Grad has a new title. Her recent trips to the Sunshine State landed her a job at a golf resort. Her dream job. The job she set her mind on getting and refused to have a contingency plan. She also hand-delivered her application to the LPGA headquarters which resulted in an approval to participate in their apprenticeship program for her LPGA teaching license.

So she will now be referred to as Apprentice until she completes her requirements and becomes certified.

And she’s moving to Florida.

Next Saturday.

I could write an entire post about reeling emotions as my baby is moving 17 hours away in less than 10 days. But I don’t have a good handle on any part of that yet, so it will have to wait.

What I want her to remember most is what today’s Chocolate Wisdom promises:

That we are shaped and molded by what life throws at us.
That we choose to respond to these experiences positively or negatively.
That whichever way we choose, the experience will forever change us in some way.

But, regardless of how we change throughout our lives, the one thing we should be able to count on is the support of those that love us most. Family…however you define it in your life…is where it all starts and where it all, ultimately, ends.

The middle is just the journey.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate wisdom

  1. I know that is true – but sometimes we need something like your chocolate wisdon to remind us. Good luck to your daughter (and well done!!!!) – and lots of hugs to you


  2. Lisa, you have me beat by 45 minutes (just looked it up, Kate is 16 hours, 15 minutes away). You know, it is a sign of fabulous parenting that your baby has the self confidence and passion to pursue her dreams. And there’s always Skype (which has been great for us). Your quote reminds me of something from a meditation book I just read, Happiness is An Inside Job. There is a meditation that reflects on “everything changes. this will change. how I respond to it will effect that change.”

    Breathe, and have a glass of wine to celebrate. and then have another….

    xo Kim


  3. Congratulations to your daughter – how neat that she’ll be working at something she loves. Tough it out – mom – a day or so of feeling bad, that empty nest thing, and then recognize you’ve done your job well!
    Love your new header.


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