New Beginnings-Florida style

She started her new job as an assistant golf pro today.

In Florida.

Apprentice has a big girl job, new apartment address and bills of her own. She’s now officially considered a grown up and productive member of society.

She pulled out of our middle Missouri driveway last Saturday and arrived in the Sunshine State 17.5 hours later, with cats and car in tow.

And Earl and Fiona are on their way to say hello.

But before she left, her Florida BF (I’ll call him the Architect Surfer) flew up to help with the transition. That’s a nice way of saying he did a lot of heavy lifting and drying of tears. And driving the truck.

Sixteen feet of worldly possessions in the back of the truck looked a lot like pieces of our furniture. Funny, we seem to still have some of her “possessions” boxed up in our basement. Strange how that works. She must have left pieces of herself behind for my benefit. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what happened.

Evidently, a hitchhiking spirit/orb decided to hop on board for warmer climates. That, or my camera lens had water spots on it from my teary eyes at that point. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what happened.

Even though she is now officially a Floridian, she better never ever forget her Midwest family roots and values. Born and bred between Kansas and Missouri, I’m hoping you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but can never take the Midwest out of the girl.

Army Wife, Army Guy and Peanut watched her drive out of the driveway. (That was a sight I could not watch so of course I pointed the camera in the opposite direction.) I’m sure they were secretly wishing that would have been their truck moving them on to a new beginning.

Some day soon.

But not this day.

I’m definitely going to need a few weeks/months to regroup before I have to say goodbye again.

12 thoughts on “New Beginnings-Florida style

  1. That old empty nest thing – we’re so happy (and grateful) that they’ve grown up to be responsible, independent individuals. But still, no matter how often we do it, saying goodbye, or so long for awhile, is so very hard. Little pieces of our heart go with them every time.


  2. It’s hard to say goodbye but it’s not forever and you still have many of her possessions! We still have many possessions of our four and they’ve been living away from home for 21, 20, 19 and 8 years!
    Chin up – keep smiling 🙂


  3. Bittersweet post. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. One thing I know deep in my heart is that no matter where we children wander, our roots stay firmly entrenched. She’ll always be a midwestern woman transplanted to FL.


  4. Yes, bittersweet is apt. I have tears in my eyes. My 16 year old son would love to be in her position, as golf is his life.
    I would have looked away as well. My beloved grandfather would never say goodbye, as he hated the finality of it. He would only say see you soon. Hope you see her soon enough.
    I imagine her tap roots are deep and strong and you have not a thing to worry about.


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