Friday Funny, Sept. 10, 2010

Estrogen Thoughts

Behind every
successful woman,
is herself.

A woman is like a tea bag…
you don’t know how strong she is
until you put her in hot water.

I have yet to hear a man
ask for advice on how to
combine marriage and a career.

Coffee. Chocolate. Men.
Some things are just better rich.

I’m out of estrogen,
And I have a gun.

Warning: I have an attitude,
And I know how to use it.

Of course I don’t look busy…
I did it right the first time.

Do not start with me.
You will not win.

All stressed out,
and no one to choke.

And last but not least:

If you want breakfast in bed,
Sleep in the kitchen.


One thought on “Friday Funny, Sept. 10, 2010

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