Tarra and Bella

In keeping with my Saturday post about amazing rescue dogs, this is one I ran across and thought it was one of the most poignant stories I’ve heard lately. We hear stories about inter-species connections, but I think we can all agree that this one takes the prize.

I always find it insightful when these types stories come to light. Most of the time, nature has a harsh, unforgiving, “live and let die” attitude. I guess that’s why I love hearing about these types of discoveries. It just reinforces my opinion that life, of all kinds, was meant to live in harmony with one another.

This is a story of an unlikely couple, Tarra and Bella. They live at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohelwald, Tennessee. An elephant sanctuary in Tennessee? Seems like a bit of a geographic disconnect, but the sanctuary has 2700 acres of protected habitat for  old, sick or retired elephants, mainly from zoos and circuses. I don’t know what prompted the founders to create this sanctuary, but it’s a marvelous way to care for one of our earth’s most majestic and complex creatures.

6 thoughts on “Tarra and Bella

  1. I stumbled across this video once before – or someone emailed me a link, I’m not sure – I agree. It’s a most amazing and heartwarming story. If only humans could be like these two!


  2. I’m sure I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning in a longer form. The sanctuary was created because many zoos and circuses could no longer maintain their elephants, and that they might otherwise be killed.


  3. I’ve seen this story about Tarra and Bella and it melted my heart. I just wish all human beings could get that there are other species on this earth that have their own journey and, are intelligent and emotional beings that have inherent rights independant of our own.


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