A peak at things to come

It’s coming.

The air is noticeably cooler today. Saturday night’s rain ushered in temps in the 60s with a chill reminiscent of delightful fall days, crisp nights, bonfires, pumpkin festivals, roasted pumpkin seeds, s’mores and hot chocolate. And as you can see from our Sassafras tree, all these things are just around the corner.

Bring it. I’m ready.


8 thoughts on “A peak at things to come

  1. Lovely shot Lisa. The temperature here has suddenly plummeted, as though someone has flicked a great switch. Last weekend it was all Dragon Boat races down at the harbour in warm sunshie. This weekend we were wrapping up in cardigans and resorting to pashminas over the top for that extra layer of warmth!


  2. I love the fall colors, and I like your tree picture. I guess I’m a summer person. I like about 2 months of winter, and then I’m ready for warm weather again. Not hot weather, so maybe I’m a spring/fall person.


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