Coach JJ is sent to the locker room

Week 3 of Survivor: Nicaragua was disappointing as well as comforting. While there weren’t any fireworks this week, people are beginning to show their true selves.

La Flor vows to be more united as a tribe…all but NaOnka, who continues her caustic diatribe against anyone that crosses her path. Come on, it’s one thing to play the game and quite another to just act like a flaming B**** in the process. They better not every lose an Immunity Challenge from here on out because I think she is successfully alienating every. single. person. on. the. island.

Yes, La Flor won the Immunity Challenge this week and was awarded with a herb garden and seasonings for their food. There was a glimmer of hope when Espada was winning the challenge, but failed to keep the lead. After being awarded the goodies, an Immunity Idol clue was spotted in the fruit basket by both Kelly B and NaOnka, which led to a cat fight back at camp to see who could get it out of the basket first. NaOnka beats out Kelly B, and with no intention of sharing it with the tribe, goes off to decipher the clues.

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Meanwhile across the island at camp Espada, Jill persuades Marty to share the Immunity Idol with the rest of the tribe. This wins him serious points in the eyes of the members. Score again behind the scenes for Jill. After the challenge, it’s clear Marty’s Achilles Heel is Jimmy Johnson. He feels very threatened by him and mounts his campaign to oust  him at Tribal Council. But Jimmy has allies in camp and we really don’t know what will happen. At Tribal Council, it’s a noticeably subdued group. No one throws anyone under the bus. In fact, most of them dodge the questions about who’s the weakest. Airing dirty laundry is kept to a respectable minimum. Everyone agrees that in order to win against La Flor, the tribe has to be kept strong. When each are asked if they are the weak link, no one admits it….except Jimmy Johnson.

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Even if Coach had allies going into the tribal council, he all but hung himself with that comment. He made a tactical error. He thought he was dealing with a sports team.

He was not.

This is not a football team where, if one person’s weakness is exposed, the team rallies and builds them up for the challenge. This is not a rah-rah, go team environment. There were two other prime candidates being considered, but with JJ’s confession that he thought he was the weakest link, the decision was inevitable. Survival of the fittest…and most confident.

Aside from Marty and Jimmy T, Coach Johnson’s leadership and encouragement was appreciated by the rest of the tribe members. Now that he is gone, I wonder who will step up to lead, strategize and be the motivational glue that keeps them united as team.

I disagree with the decision. Dan is physically a much weaker player at this stage in the game. While Jimmy Johnson’s age was not an asset, his attitude and ability to keep  the majority of the members in a cohesive team mentality was.

But now Jimmy can regain his perfect coif.

I wonder who Marty will target next.

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3 thoughts on “Coach JJ is sent to the locker room

    • Yeah, even though he said he didn’t think anyone would award him $1M and only wanted to help someone else win, I don’t think he expected to leave this early.


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