Jimmy T sings “Put me in Coach”

The best way to sum up last night’s Survivor: Nicaragua is with this video. And I guarantee the eye candy is much better here.

Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play, today….look at me, gotta be, centerfield.

Oh wait…Coach got canned last week. Scratch that.

Last week, Espada voted out the only proven leader in the bunch. And this week it showed. With a noticeable lack of leadership, the tribe is struggling. Combine that with the loss of the last two immunity challenge prizes that would have improved their food situation, and you have some sorry-looking Boomers. Marty continues to play behind-the-scene puppet master and pull strings to get what he wants and play the game his way. All Jimmy T wants is to be put in the game as the leader of a challenge; and for everyone to recognize his leadership potential; and why people should see that he is a strong leader….you get the idea. The problem is that he just doesn’t shut up. There is clearly a rift between Marty and Jimmy T. Now that Marty is successfully rid of Jimmy J, he’s set his sights on Jimmy T.

Over at La Flor, tropical storm NaOnka is building and she is being her usual caustic self, throwing around attitude and letting everyone know who she hates. Although she has an immunity idol, she isn’t playing the game well by p!$$!#@ everyone off. Hello? Hey missy, have you forgotten that, in the end, there’s only one, but it’s THE ONES WHO HAVE BEEN KICKED OFF THE ISLAND VOTING ON THE WINNER? Nothing good can come of making enemies within your tribe even if you do happen to make it to the final two contestants.

The Immunity Challenge was abysmal. Each team chose a leader who called out directions to blindfolded members paired up and yoked at the wrist. The goal is to collect ten items scattered in the area. When collected, one pair goes out to get some keys that unlock a chest. The first tribe to get that chest and all ten items back to the start wins immunity plus vital gear such as a tarp, knife, tools, knife, fishing gear, etc. La Flor plays their Medallion Power and begins the game with two items already collected. Espada should have done better and could have won it, except Jimmy T can’t seem to take directions from anyone.

Later, when Espada arrives at tribal council (again), it looks like it’s going to be a close vote between loud-mouth Jimmy T and do-nothing Dan. Clearly Jimmy T has gotten on the last nerve of most of the starving tribe members, and Dan has sat out the last two challenges because of a past knee injury.

In the end, it’s almost a tie but the tie-breaking vote boots Jimmy T out in favor of a more anti-antagonistic tribe (sans Marty). I say *sans Marty* because, although he is giving the appearance of being all about tribal unity and strength, he sows the seeds of discontent and is pulling many strings behind the scenes.

What I find interesting about Espada is that, aside from the first week, the women have not been caught in the crossfire. Jane, especially, has been playing her game quietly and effectively. It’s not obvious she is scheming, but you can bet she has a plan. There is much more to her than meets the eye…and probably Marty’s biggest threat between the two tribes.

Judging from the previews for next week, there’s a big shake up coming. Maybe someone will muzzle NaOnka.

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