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Prelude to an autumn kiss


It’s going to be another week or so before autumn’s riot of color hits full stride here in Middle Missouri. Last weekend I shot a few teasers that I’m hoping will hold me over until the main event.

But my favorite sign is this one.

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15 thoughts on “Prelude to an autumn kiss

  1. Lovely captures. Saw the last one yesterday. It doesn’t get old.


  2. Gorgeous. I love beautyberry and have thought of trying it here, but I’m concerned it wouldn’t make it. In theory, we’re zone 6, but I find it safest to plant as if we’re zone 4.


  3. pretty colors. I still look like that at 39 yrs old when I get a pumpkin.


  4. Lovely photos.

    We are seeing some colors here as well, but the recent rains has knocked lots of leaves down.


  5. They are all wonderful, but that last one has my heart!!!


  6. What an adorable little girl. :)


  7. Beautiful pics of Autumn produce. However, you’re right, the precious little one with the pumpkin is adorable!


  8. what’s the name of the first one? I saw those recently in Tennessee and thought they looked like tiny hedgehogs :) Great photos!


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