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New Blog Casa


A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest hosted by Rose DesRochers and World Outside My Window and sponsored by Vision this hosting. The prize was a free domain name and hosting for a year.

Guess what.

I was selected.

You could have picked my jaw up from the floor when Rose told me. So, as with any major move, there’s lots of cleaning and packing up to do. Then there’s the furniture arranging at the new place and HOURS spent getting it *just right* before company arrives.

But I think I’m pretty much moved in and ready for you to drop by. No need to bring a welcome basket, but……

If you’ve bookmarked or subscribed to this blog, please note my new address:

So, come on over and visit me at my new blog casa. Please keep in mind that I’m still arranging some of the accessories, and welcome any interior decorating tips, advice and comments on how to make it better.

Gotta run. So many things yet to do!

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6 thoughts on “New Blog Casa

  1. Congrats! :) See you at your new house.


  2. Congrats on the win and I am on the way over…


  3. Thnakyou thankyou thankyou for the Brisket recipe!!!!!!


  4. Congratulations!! I’m popping over now..


  5. So exciting! (Headed that way.) How did I miss this?


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