Synergy friends

Wikipedia, the authoritative resource used by people too lazy to do their own research, defines synergy as, two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

It was synergy from the beginning.

Twenty seven years ago, Entrepreneur and I moved to Olathe, Kansas and bought a 1500 square foot ranch house. No kids. One dog. Within a few months of getting settled, I was pregnant with Army Wife, we’d inherited a kitten and had met the neighbors.

In this very small, small world, one neighbor turned out to be a sorority sister from college. Not just any sorority sister, but my pledge mom and one I’d gone to high school with back in the mid 70s. And she was pregnant with her fist child as well. We were due within days of each other. Our husbands met over yard projects, but neither of us had *met the neighbors* until the night of an open house party at our place.

Over the next few months, a core group of couples bonded together in a way I’ve never experienced before or since. We had kids. We had mortgages. We liked hot tubs. And pool tables. And tossing horseshoes. And beer. We were within walking distance of each others’ homes and the rotating neighborhood party was born.

It was not unusual come TGIFriday night for there to be Happy Hour at someone’s house. There was driveway basketball and kiddie pools. One pool for us mommies to sit around in our lawn chairs with feet in the water, and one for the kids. Yes, we bonded over summer parties, carpools, play dates and landscaping projects. We fed each others kids, kept them overnight, disciplined and considered them our own. You could say we grew up and became parents together.

Two of the couples still live in the same houses. Entrepreneur and I drifted in a different direction that took us out of the neighborhood. Two families suffered divorce and the premature death of one one last year slapped upside the head those who tend to think they’re immortal and immune.

Original Olathe gang minus two.

We reunited at a daughter’s wedding. If we’d had more time, I’m sure we would have continued where we’d left off without skipping a beat. But distance separates us and we had to say our goodbyes much too soon.

But for a while, we were once again two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

Synergy friends. It’s what we were, are and always will be.


12 thoughts on “Synergy friends

  1. I just love this story. I crave friendships like this. I remember my parents having a few couples, that they stayed in touch with, did things with, for years. In our upwardly mobile society today, friendships like these are too few and far between.


  2. It is so very special to have friends from so long ago that you are still in contact with. My life was, to a large degree, rootless and I miss having those connections.


  3. How wonderful. You’re very lucky to have made and kept these friends. I’m not sure if it’s to do with us or with the place we live but our friendships have drifted over the years.


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