Sunny Day: Creative Exchange Week 7

These delights are all but gone now. But before they left, I got a few pics to remember warmer, sunnier days as we move into winter.

Here is the original.

If you remember back to week 2, I took a photo and adjusted the depth of field to blur the background and bring the focus more to the front object. The process is the same for the next few photos, except instead of selecting Gaussian blur, I chose one of the artistic filters in PhotoShop and “brushed” away parts the effects to create the original photo morphing into the filter effect.

Here is conte crayon on burlap

This one is rough pastels

And this one is colored chalk

Which one do you like best?

Posted for The Creative Exchange, Week 7 |  hosted by Lisa at White Cotton Tee


9 thoughts on “Sunny Day: Creative Exchange Week 7

  1. This is so Cool Lisa!! First, because the original shot is just gorgeous. Second, because the effects you used are all wonderful in their own way, and third, because I’ve never tried this before, and of course, cannot wait to do so!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange, and for giving me some wonderful new inspiration!

    Have a wonderful evening.

    P.S. My favorite? Rough pastels.


  2. These are so good but my favourite is definitely the conte crayon on burlap I love the texture and love how it morphs from monotones to that stunning sunshine yellow.


    • I’m torn as to the one I like best. There’s something about the color fading into the monotone that reminds me of sunny, colorful days fading into subdued winter. I think I like the juxtaposition and analogy.


  3. Oh, must I make a decision? I’m torn between rough pastels and colored chalk. The original is beautiful and the others are interesting and I think I’d just do a page with the original as the dominant photo and the filtered photos scattered about. Then I wouldn’t have to make a decision!


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