The beginning of the end

They are signing the papers today. Papers that will put into motion what I knew was inevitable, yet not totally prepared to face.

But they are thrilled. And, truthfully, I’m thrilled for them.

You see, the long-awaited answer to Army Guy’s application to Warrant Officer/Flight School was…

(thunderous applause and cheers)

And *they* are signing the papers today to begin the next chapter in their lives. Technically, Army Guy is signing the contract to extend his military service, but as every military family knows, it’s a signature that is also written by the hand of the entire family. For it’s family that sustains the soldier through the hard times. And it’s family that celebrates the victories and shares in the pride of serving one’s country. It’s family that hangs service flags in the windows for the deployed, and family that picks up the pieces should the unthinkable happen. Yes, military service is group effort. It takes a village to raise a soldier…….?

But, back to the excitement of the day.

Army Wife says I can’t refer to him as The Pilot yet, so not to jinx the many steps to be accomplished before he officially wears that title. But I think he’s been a *pilot* in his mind for a long, long time.

And she’s almost giddy…no, she IS giddy at the thought of having her own house…with her own stuff…that’s 99% packed away in our basement. I can already hear the interior decorating wheels spinning out of control in her head. Evidently she channeled all that energy into the kitchen because the day they found out, she made a cheesecake, 2 pecan pies and 2+dozen banana muffins!

By the end of the week, they should know their report date. At that time, it will finally sink in; it will finally be real enough to let out a collective sigh of relief. We’ve all been holding our breath for almost 9 months in anticipation of this day. Now we can all exhale. High fives and congrats all around.

But in all this celebrating, there’s a catch.

They plan to take Peanut with them.

Since January 2009, she’s successfully woven herself into the very fabric of my life. Since she was 5 months old, with few exceptions, the grandgirl and I have spent the end of every day cuddled together in the rocking chair.

She squeals as she runs past me to get to PaPa when we come home from the office. She rides on the riding lawn mower with him. She walks with me to inspect the bird feeders and flowers.

We are her Nana and Papa, and even though Mommy and Daddy are her most favorite people, she’s never known a life apart from all of us together, in one house. She learned to roll over, crawl, walk, run and climb in this house. What’s hers is hers…and what’s ours is also hers.

It’s as normal as breathing for her. And, it occurs to me that I have that same feeling.

Once they’ve moved, will she walk around the house looking for us? Will she expect us to all appear for family meals? Will she miss giving us *nite-nite* snuggles and kisses?

I’m sure there will be some transition, but going to another secure, stable environment will help her quickly adjust and adapt to new surroundings and routines.

Me? Not so much.


8 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

  1. That is such good news, but yet such sad news – for you. Yes, I think Peanut will be looking for you and missing you. And you will have a large hole in your life to fill with other things. Maybe webcam chats? So you can see each other. And the phone calls.


  2. I’m so excited for them (I have a certain affection for pilots you know) but definitely understand how you must be feeling. My parents went through this 22 years ago when we left home for our first duty assignment. My daughter Ashley was about 2 years old; we had lived with my parents while my ex went through all the training.

    The positive result of that experience was a deep and abiding love between my daughter and her grandparents. You’ve given Peanut a solid foundation with a strong and loving bond.

    Not the end…just the beginning of a new chapter. BIG hug, much love!!!


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