A bit of funshine

I intended to type the heading as “A bit of sunshine” but my fingers had a Freudian slip. I looked at it and thought, Yeah, this described out recent trip to see The Floridian much better. We crammed a lot into a week so I’m slitting up our antics into more than one post. With golf, a trip to a Spanish fort, sightseeing in the oldest city in the continental US, a trip to the top of the oldest working light house and Thanksgiving, we had to come home to get some rest.

Tan and sassy, The Floridian seems to be thriving. Settled into a routine, she lives with her two cats, Bridget and Midget, who made the trip from Middle Missouri quite well. Sunning on the balcony is one of their favorite pastimes.

A bit of background on The Floridian: When she graduated, she was hell bent on finding a job…in Florida. Resumes were developed and cover letters were written. With packets in hand, she drove herself to Florida to land her dream job. She returned still unemployed but not ready to give up. I suggested a back up plan. She rejected the idea and told me to stop raining on her parade. So I did what any smart parent would do. I shut up. Follow up calls led to a few interviews and back to Florida she drove. This time she came home with a job offer and apartment possibilities. The rest is history in the making.

As an Assistant Golf Pro, she’s completed her LPGA Apprenticeship and is moving towards her LPGA teaching license.
So, of course, part of our trip was spent on the golf course.

The Floridian and Entrepreneur both like beach front property.

But she still has a perfect follow through! Her swing coach would be proud.

Me? Golf? Oh no no no no no no. I occupied a seat in the cart and shot things like this…

And, yes, Florida has Autumn color. I know, I was surprised too.

The middle of our trip will be in the next few posts, but now I must show you what we saw the last night we were there.
This is what she sees everyday when she gets off work.

I can totally see why she didn’t have a back up plan.


6 thoughts on “A bit of funshine

  1. Beautiful! I lived outside of Pensacola for a few months when I was twelve. It snowed there that year! I loved the Spanish moss in the trees; such a fairy tale look – or horror movie in some cases.


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