Man of simple tastes

It’s virtually impossible to buy a gift for Entrepreneur. Birthdays…Christmas…anniversaries…we all come up dry on ideas. The man is picky. And, if he needs something, most of the time he just goes and gets it.

However, he has found something he wants. And just in time for Christmas.

A Jaguar C-X75

The car hits 62mph in 3.4 seconds. O.M.G.
It tops out at 205 mph. O.M.G.

It travels 68 miles on the battery pack, and when the turbines kick in, the car can continue for 560 miles. That mean one could theoretically go from New York City to Charlotte, NC without stopping. Not that anyone would want to sit in a car that long…unless it was, maybe, this car.

Here’s what says about this car:
Dramatic theater lighting is activated as the driver approaches the car; phosphor blue electro-luminescent wire lights illuminate the perimeter of the cabin and the turbines. When the car is started, additional blue LED lighting gently floods the door and bulkhead speaker cavities, highlighting the carโ€™s lightweight construction. Bespoke interior materials include cream and grey leathers, polished and vapor-blasted aluminum and a soft-feel textured neoprene.

How sexy does that sound?

Even though neoprene essentially is synthetic rubber, soft-feel textured neoprene sounds simply lovely, doesn’t it? The estimated price for this little jewel is $300,000 to $500,000. Yes, that’s in hundred of thousands. Thankfully, it’s still a concept car and there are no plans for production in the near future.

But, I’m taking donations just in case.


10 thoughts on “Man of simple tastes

  1. My brother has a Jaguar (not this one of course) and Leo LOVES it – he has given me the list (yes list) of cars he intends to have when he’s older – and the Jag is top of the list – followed by a VW Camper Van ??!!?? (A Toyota Prius is in there too somewhere along with others….)- and you never know, Father Christmas is magic so maybe you will wake up on Christmas morning and find one sitting on the drive…….. (ps I’m not blogging anymore but I will still be popping over to vist my favourite blogger!!!)


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