In trouble? Call a Yale.

Wel­come to Round 7 of ABC Wednesday. The meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nes­bitt, and people from all over the world come together to play and share their entries. Each week word(s) begin­ning with the des­ig­nated letter are selected and illus­trate through a photo, poem or prose. My twist on the meme is selecting unusual words and pairing them with photos. I’ll be pulling words from sources here, here and, of course, here. This week is Y week so that means we only have one more week left in this round.

Let’s get unusual.

Photo credit: Daves Mythical Creatures & Places

yale: a creature found in European mythology. I found many descriptions but most describe it as an antelope-like creature the size of a horse or hippo, with two long horns and the jaws of a boar with tusks. One horn points forward and the other backward. It has the the tail of an elephant, lion or goat.

In ancient Eastern mythology, the yale is said to be able to cure the broken hearts of young maidens without asking for anything in return. It’s power is invoked against evil spirits.

The yale’s long horns can move if necessary during a fight. If the first one is broken or damaged, the second can be brought forward to continue the fight. Both horns can be used at once to fight from any direction. The yale represents proud defense in medieval bestiaries and heraldry.

Yales were used by John, Duke of Bedford, by England’s Beaufort family and the British Royal Family. Yales are on the roof of St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, and one appears over the gateways of Margaret Beaufort’s Cambridge’s Christ’s College and St. John’s College.

Oddly enough, the creature does not appear on the Yale University coat of arms or in other school heraldry. The school’s mascot is a bulldog. However, it does appear above the gateway to Yale’s Davenport College, and in the president of the university’s banner that is displayed during commencements.

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9 thoughts on “In trouble? Call a Yale.

  1. I should have asked for one of those for Christmas. Then I’d be the only person in Alberta to have one. I hope it likes dogs, as it would have to share the yard with a Golden Retriever.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  2. Totally fooled me. I was sure this was going to be about keys. Used to be the only keys around.

    I like this Yale just fine. So many wonderful idiocyncracies. A mythical mutt.


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