Creative Exchange: Sweet surrender

The Creative Exchange is back! Lisa, over at Lisa Gordon Photography, has revamped and revised the meme. The meme’s theme is now “your camera in one hand, your heart in the other.” And the *rules* can be found HERE.

Her first entry in this go-round is a stunning capture of a broken-down barn. It is here where the rest of us will attempt to follow her lead.

It is no secret I love sunsets. Love to see them and love to try and capture their stunning beauty. There is something about the last beams of light desperately trying to hang on before surrendering to the darkness that stirs my soul. I try and arrive early, scope out the best seat in the house, make last-minutes decisions with the camera settings…and wait. Once the colors begin to frantically explode on the horizon, I become almost OCD with the camera. When the sun is sinking into the horizon, there isn’t a lot of time to think about changing settings.

During one of our trips to see The Floridian, we were running late to the marina to capture a sunset. Out trip had been overcast for most of the days so this was my last chance before leaving the next morning. As Entrepreneur sped down the street, I fidgeted and anxiously watched the darkening sky, trying to calculate exactly how much time I had before needing to abort the mission.

With only minutes to spare, we arrived at the marina and wasted no time scrambling to the end of the pier, raising the camera to capture whatever I could in the process. After the aerobic workout of getting to the perfect place, my heart is pounding and I can barely hold the camera still. It usually isn’t until I see them on the big screen that I decide whether they’re keepers or not.

These two are keepers.

Very little was done to them in post. A little playing with the levels, but that’s it. Somehow, applying a texture just didn’t seem right. Not much need to improve on nature’s perfection.


16 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: Sweet surrender

  1. Over the last few days (to be honest since reading your post about 2011)I’ve been thinking about the simple things that give such joy, a good glass of red wine, really good green olive oil, tulips etc etc – how did I forget a sunset?? maybe because I haven’t seen one for a while – so please can I borrow this one for my ‘mental’ list of good things?????


  2. While Tyler was in jr. high I took him to a movie. Just the two of us. Instead of the usual previews there was a wonderful display of nature videos taken from the air. Ty made a comment I often think about since that day. “Wow, God got an A in shop!” How very true


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