Creative Exchange: Emotions Overwhelmed

The Cre­ative Exchange is all about “your camera in one hand, your heart in the other.” And this particular photo is the epitome of having my camera in one hand and my heart in the other. Some of you recognize this photo, but if you don’t…let me explain.

This is the grandgirl, Peanut. Way back in 2008 when I was just a mom, I couldn’t really get my arms around becoming a “Nana.” I looked at my daughters and, although they were lovely young women with lives of their own, it didn’t really register. Because in my mind, they were still the small children that occupied my house, car, mind and (in)sanity.

After all, I was nowhere near old enough to have grandkids. At least in my mind. But, reality marched on despite my delusions, and in September of 2008 it was time for my daughter to have a daughter.

We watched movies and monitored her progress while we waited in the birthing room. Showtime came around 4pm and the nurses whooshed everyone out except Daddy. But I got to stay…with my camera…on my daughter’s condition that I didn’t speak.

Like my brain could have formed words anyway. For when *our* newest daughter turned her head and looked at me, there wasn’t a word that was sufficient.

So this photo was truly taken with my camera in one hand and my heart…on the table.

Submitted for The Cre­ative Exchange | Lisa Gordon Photography

11 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: Emotions Overwhelmed

  1. Wow Lisa. Hard to find words for this one. I would like to hope that beautiful, and precious describes it, but that is hardly the case, for this is one of those things that definitely can only be described in your heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this at The Creative Exchange. So, so perfect for it!



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