Creative Exchange: Snowly Cow it's cold!

The Cre­ative Exchange is all about “your camera in one hand, your heart in the other.” I’ve missed the last few Creative Exchanges and it has affected my mood…and not for the best. By the time I decide on a direction, the week has gotten away from me and I don’t post anything. So sad that life moves at warp speed.

But…I was presented with a gajillion photo opportunities last week during Snowmegeddon 20-eleven to feed my photo addiction while snowed in at home. During the past few snows, I’ve discovered I love to sit by one of our windows and shoot birds. NO…not THAT kind of shooting! How could you think such a thing? No, I’m shooting with my zoom lens, trying to capture something you don’t see everyday unless you really watch.

With the feeding frenzy at the feeders and suet hangers before, during and after the snows, my efforts have been rewarded ten-fold. I’m amazed at the persistence of these little creatures. With all their food sources frozen or covered, it’s a race to find sustenance while expending as little energy as possible. This is why I feed them. After all, a pooped little bird is no match for sub-zero temps and 20+ mph winds. At least at my feeders, they might have a head start on survival.

Sub­mitted for The Cre­ative Exchange | Lisa Gordon Photography

21 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: Snowly Cow it's cold!

  1. This is wonderful Lisa! You know, last week when we were getting absolutely pounded with snow and ice, my main concern was making sure paths to the bird feeders were shoveled!
    Adorable little one you captured here! Hope you are all shoveled out!
    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange this week!

    Have a great evening!



  2. What a great shot! I agree with SC. I love how you caught that little bit in it’s beak. Wonderful! And you’re wonderful for making sure that God’s little creatures stay well fed.


  3. I too love the juncos, and your photo is superb! I haven’t been so good about feeding this winter, but then we no longer have any snow on the ground so I don’t feel the same pressure. And the cold zaps me more quickly this year, so I huddle inside.


  4. ‘Junco’ – that’s a completely new bird to me! He’s beautiful but I particularly love the sparkle of the snow. Lovely shot Lisa.
    I wish I could feed the birds in winter here. I used to, when we had just elderly cats, but sadly, filling the bird feeders would be like ringing the dinner bell for our two Bengals!


  5. I really like your selection for creative exchange (and the numerous one below – what a blizzard! The cardinal is gorgeous as well. Your little bird looks like he is eating a tiny snowball. 🙂 I laughed at you dog standing in the drift – but I’m sure he used your shoveled out section for his “business”. That is what ours used to do when we lived in Northern Michigan.


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