Creative Exchange: Papa and Peanut

The Cre­ative Exchange, hosted by Lisa Gordon Photography, is all about “your camera in one hand, your heart in the other.” I hope this entry is self-explanatory. I captured a moment as Peanut was walking hand-in-hand with her Papa on the beach. I love that she is looking up at him. And while it’s a perfect shot already, that didn’t stop me from trying a few small additions. Because I’m a graphic designer and not a fine art photographer, I simply must fritz with photos. It’s how I roll.

So I found a sand texture and multiplied the layer over the photo; then reduced the size of the photo to inset it in the texture. Using a hibiscus brush, I laid in a few tropical flowers. With the addition of the caption, I stopped before things got completely out of hand.

Original (for the purists)

The final (for the designers)

Sub­mitted for The Cre­ative Exchange | Lisa Gordon Photography

15 thoughts on “Creative Exchange: Papa and Peanut

  1. I saw this photo on Facebook, and loved the fact that Peanut was looking up at her Papa. The trust shows through. Photos are beautiful – both of them. I like simplicity and find in my digital scrapbooking that my pages become less cluttered all the time. I want the picture to be the focus.


    • Thank you Carol. I haven’t made the leap to digital scrapbooking, but I’ve put a couple books together on Shutterfly. I agree the photos should take center stage.


  2. Lisa – This is truly phenomenal! The photograph itself is just precious, and the first thing I noticed was how she was looking up at him, but add to that the work you did on it, and it is perfection!
    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange. So, so perfect for it!
    Have a wonderful day!



  3. I like it – both ways. Most importantly is her love for her Papa…
    I’m leaning more towards purist these days…but as soon as I say that I go and work on a photo and put a texture over it….lol.
    Your blog looks really interesting. I’m going to come back again and again.


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