Friday Funny: Welcome Home 2.25.11

Sad to say when we landed back in the U.S. after vacation, we were not greeted in the manner.  😦

But what a great way to say hello! T-Mobile does it again…with style and class.


One thought on “Friday Funny: Welcome Home 2.25.11

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thanks for visiting my T-post. I agree with you. Fairies are important. My daughter loves fairies, and the tooth-fairy is a favorite.

    Sometimes I feel as if mana is raining from Heaven and I have no dish or even a spoon to catch it with! She is ever changing before my eyes. She is like a fairy in many ways!

    Loved the video of the T-Mobile. I’ve never heard of them. What fun it would be to arrive at an airport with this crowd!
    Great T-post!

    Best wishes & hugs,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna’s ABC-F and AT-T: Tooth-Faerie


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