Project64: Color catch up week

Since I was late to the party, this is catch up week for Project64: Out of the Box. The creators have kindly created a page for all of us late-comers to catch up putting crayons in our box. Instead of separate entries, this one has all the colors I’ve missed with a short, pithy description. I’d love to know which one is your favorite.

Yellow-greenThis bowl is one of my favorite accents in my house.
It goes waaaaaay up high when inquisitive, little fingers are around.

Carnation Pink

Peanut discovered fine, white Caribbean sand when we were together on vacay to Cancun.
Papa bought her a bucket and shovel and created a sand castle monster.

Chestnut Brown

Tanner, our Golden, has eyes that are the most beautiful shade of chestnut brown.
And so very expressive…giving new meaning to the phrase puppy dog eyes.

Robin’s Egg Blue

I was so excited to have a reason to pull out my china; and it had nothing to do with serving dinner.
Even though we’re not really china people, even after 30 years I still love the design.

Gray (or Grey)

Yep, back to the shell basket. I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself.
The two larger shells are oyster shells found on a trip to see The Floridian.
On the outside, oyster shells are rough, chipped and mottled, wearing signs of hard times;
the true beauty lies on the inside (even if the pearl isn’t of jewelry-store quality). Much like people.
The one in the foreground also has a tinge of the next color, Apricot!


Okay, one last trip back to the shell collection, I promise.
If you look closely at shells, you find the most fascinating patterns.
The inspiration and creativity found in nature simply cannot be surpassed.
Of course, the Artist sort of has a head start on us mere mortals.

Sub­mitted for Project64: Out of the Box.
Grab your own box of  Crayola® crayons and click below to find out how to join us.

14 thoughts on “Project64: Color catch up week

  1. Which is my favourite? Well there *is* no competition. It has to be Peanut with her pink and white polka dot top! What a delight she is and I can see the fun she’s having with that gorgeous white Caribbean sand. You must have had a whale of a time, back with the family and in the sunshine. It’s a precious photo and I also love the way you’ve set up these graphics with the crayons above. You’ll have a very nice collection by the time this project is over. 🙂


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