Project64: Lavender

I’m taking a photo­graphic journey through a box of 64 crayons called Project64: Out of the Box. Each week a different color is featured and we all go scavenger hunting to find a photo to share. This week is lavender week. Since my brain in still on vacay to more tropical climates, I gravitated to my collection of shells. And much to my delight, I actually found a shell with lavender hues! SCORE! Unfortunately, I don’t own a macro lens (yet), so I can’t show you up close and personal how truly gorgeous the variations of lavender and purple are in this shell.

Submitted for Project 64: Out of the Box.
For more lavender and to catch up with the rest of the box, click the crayons below.

8 thoughts on “Project64: Lavender

  1. Thanks for stopping my to comment on my Project 64 shots! No….the lavender Lexus in not mine, I drive a boring white mom van. I love your shell and the pretty bit of lavender you found in it. I’m going to check out ABC Wednesday, I’m always looking for a new insipration for photos.

    :o) Coffee Queen


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