Rantlettes and Inspiration

There is so much going on in the world that really frosts me. So much that simply defies my definition of logic and reason. So much that I’ve adopted the word, rantlette; a rant too short to be considered a full-fledged blog entry, but long enough to get my point across. Take, for example…

Somali Pirates.
Yes, someone please take them. Evidently their business model of kidnapping and extracting ransoms from governments went awry a few weeks ago and they killed 4 American hostages during the course of negotiations with the US. I fail to understand why, at the point of confirmation of those deaths, the yacht and the mother ship were not blown out of the water all the warships in the area. Send in a boarding party after the fact, kill a couple of pirates and arrest the others. Yeah, that’ll really scare them.

Fred Phelps and the First Amendment
While you’re taking the pirates, please include this lunatic and his followers. Misguided at the very least, they embody everything bad about religion. Our Supreme Court ruled in favor of Westboro Baptist Church and their right to spew caustic messages and conduct anti-gay protests at funerals of U.S. troops. One one hand, I’m relieved the First Amendment is alive and well…yet, I fail to understand how the Supreme Court can reject Mr. Snyder’s claim that their actions caused emotional distress, were an invasion of privacy and violated his right to free exercise of religion and peaceful assembly. It defies what I believe as a Christian to act like this. I think when Fred and his followers arrive at the pearly gates, they may be surprised to find they don’t have the right keys.

Charlie Sheen
Heck, take him too. He’s been all over the media, and I must say, has done a brilliant job getting his brand top of mind. He’s either a lunatic or marketing genius. Either way, that makes him a success. Never mind the fact that he’s a TV star, addicted to drugs, has a history of domestic abuse, gravitates towards prostitutes AND A FATHER. He recently broke Twitter’s follower record with one million. Enough already. With every tweet, story and interview, he sinks further into a delusional abyss. Stop the madness…and stop enabling him. He’s like the 10-car pile up where we cannot stop staring at the carnage. Is he the James Dean rebel icon for today’s culture? Maybe in his earlier days, but now he’s just another abusive addict that’s destroying more lives than he’s inspiring. And for that, he want to sue CBS and Warner Brothers for mental anguish, plus he wants a raise to return to his show. Sadly, unless he has a morals clause in his contract, there’s probably not a lot the networks can do to stop him.

Sheen says, “I am on a drug — it’s called Charlie Sheen!”

I think that just about says it all. Maybe it’s time to take the Kook-Aid cup away from him.

Wisconsin Democrats
I’d say take them too, but they’re AWOL already. WTH is going on here? In order to block a quorum on the governor’s employee union proposals, 14 Democrat legislators are camped out across state lines, refusing to return. I doubt if the people of Wisconsin expect their representatives to behave like this. Get back to work and do the job people elected you to do. And, oh…did you not notice there was an election last year? And the people are fed up with the government spending spree going on across the nation? Then, topping that poor behavior is Rep. Gordon  Hintz (D-Oshkosh) who turned to female colleague, Rep. Michelle Litjens (R-Oshkosh), after a prelim budget vote and said, “You are F***king dead!” Oh, BTW, Rep. Hintz was just busted for being associated with a prostitution sting.

Seriously? In the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy and demand for a new civility, this is the highest road he can take? Add to that, no major media picked up the story. I can’t help but wonder, if the tables were turned, if all the networks would be running that sound byte 24/7.

Okay, enough rantlettes. I can’t leave this much negative energy hanging around without closing with something to inspire. This video always puts me in a good mood, and inspires me to try and make a difference. Or, at least think I could.


6 thoughts on “Rantlettes and Inspiration

  1. One of my first (of many) problems with the governor of Wisconsin is that he created tax advantages for the wealthier people which created most of the deficit he’s now wanting concessions of the public workers to fill. It’s class warfare at its finest.


    • My issue with it is that the elected officials are setting a dangerous precedent. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised when it happens at the federal level. And some day, it probably will.


    • Probably right, but just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it, regardless of whether it’s covered by the First Amendment. The pain the protesters are inflicting on these families is unconscionable.


  2. Rantlettes. I love it! And I agree with your rantlettes – I’m not so sure the Wisconsin governor is right, but then I don’t think the elected officials taking off to avoid responsibility is right either. However, being an elected representative no longer seems to carry any obligations or requirements to do for the better of . . . your state or country or whatever entity you were elected to.


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